BattleDawn New World

So in the current Earth World, the game has progressed pretty far, and we are being overrun by a very powerful clan, therefore we will be moving to Fantasy 2, an almost brand-new world, only on tick 48 as of this post!

Server: Fantasy 2


Look at the above screenshot to see where I set up and I would like us to establish a military presence. Put your base near mine and we can work on an alliance.



7 thoughts on “BattleDawn New World

      1. Yeah we’re pretty stupid. You can see that every other alliance spreads out a lot because then they can see more stuff and don’t look like a bundle of grapes ready to be picked by an enemy alliance.

  1. I have played this previously, anybody who doesn’t know what to do, I have a method to gain power and skill. As well, finally that somebody started a small colony here!!!!!

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