H.R. 4681


The Bill passed and is now law. If you attempt to encrypt your connection with any sort of proxy or VPN or otherwise safe channels you will be placed on a government watch list, and any electronic transmissions you make can be stored indefinitely without your knowledge. You can no longer rely on ISP client confidentiality. Wayhne el Porch does not approve.

All this is basically a formality though. The CIA and NSA showed zero signs of slowing down in their illegal activity anyway. Here’s one interesting thing however. Republicans are generally conservative, which means in favor of small government. Pervasive spying and intrusions of personal property and information are signs of authoritarianism and big government. Logically, Republicans would be against the motion, but it was they who put it forward in the first place and voted to pass it.

Anyway, welcome to the new USSA.


5 thoughts on “H.R. 4681

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    Yay, im not American 😀

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