GSA in Danger

I have received a terrifying and credible email from our most feared enemy.


It’s the feared and revered Revolution! The one supported by clans that are inactive or are dead. The one no one has ever heard of. Terrifying!

UPDATE: Revolution is very likely led by Jason.



16 thoughts on “GSA in Danger

  1. BoZ is inactive and merged with Envy as well refuses to participate in Clan wars. AGSA is disorganized, mostly atleast.. As well, it is against GSA law to hack. If a person did, we’d know about it and they’d be punished extremely.. So, either a FGSA did it or a GSA hater tried to frame GSA.

  2. Oh noe! We are in danger! Quick! Set up the Troll-Barrier!

    Really? Why would you make yourself known if you have spies? Why would inactive clans support you?

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