Bringing back the presidency?

Night here, Bill(aka Mustangbill) told me to create this post which revolves around bringing back the presidency(yes I know it isn’t “out” yet but he wishes to prevent it from needing to be taken out in the first place) since he thinks it is the only voice regular GSA members, such as himself, have in the government. This is based on his reasoning that the FG (Founder’s Group) has too much power to begin with and the government(which is mainly ran by the FG) is under their rule than the common GSA member.

Note: A council is being made to make up for the presidency which will include a cast of five(or nine-ish) GSA members(No FG at all involved in it) that will act as a brain group in place of the two-fer presidency we have now. 

So here goes:

+ Don’t get rid of it:

6 Votes

– Continue with removing it:

11 Votes

-Voting for this ends 02/09/2015, a week from now.



Jeep:You guys…

The only reason the common GSA have no power is because they don’t try to.

Any FG change can be overturned by a vote of the common people. To save time FG can make laws without votes, but must make posts about what they did. A member can then challenge it.

– Get rid of the presidency, and no to the council. We removed that for a reason.

[Nickman101:] And though the power of the people is limited because they cannot propose legislation without going to a member who has the power to do such a thing, they still have the power to vote on legislation or passed legislation (by an FG without a vote), any time they see fit.

[Eagle613]: If the council is brought back I will fight tooth and nail to get it taken out

[Behemoth]: The Founders Group pretty much IS a council, so adding an extra “council” is not a very good idea, because it would just be giving people more power over one another, and then we would still have people underneath them who can’t voice what they want. If a council can only SUGGEST ideas, what is the point of having them? A regular GSA member has the power to suggest ideas as well.

[NighthawkTheValiant]: In a way, we technically got a American legislative branch here if it were implemented. We’d have the FG(Senate) and the Council(house of representatives). Although I think this is a bit of a stretch if it has no powers.


40 thoughts on “Bringing back the presidency?

  1. + Nickman. this would have to be the dumbest idea you could’ve possibly came up with. We’re keeping the Presidency, because we have ACTUAL GOOD PEOPLE RUNNING NOW! (not a yassine)

    1. Lol says SuperKiller85 the one who ran for President and actully went inactive for his whole term and didn’t add anything to the GSA!
      and sorry for being harsh!

    2. That’s not the only reason to get rid of the president, however ill address it since you have stated it.

      What if we start having bad people run again? It’s been happening for a while now…

  2. + It’s indeed maybe one of the lesser voices the lower members might have, therefore i think the presidency should be kept up unless the odds are against it. Also, Night.. you forgot to add the amount of votes again.. ALSO, you should’ve added the deadline below it.

  3. Have to not noticed the trend in presidents?
    They have all gone ‘good’ things while in office, but in the end they have not accomplished anything worthy of the history books, and instead, made GSA a slightly more difficult clan to be in.

  4. You guys…

    The only reason the common GSA have no power is because they don’t try to.

    Any FG change can be overturned by a vote of the common people. To save time FG can make laws without votes, but must make posts about what they did. A member can then challenge it.

    – Get rid of the presidency, and no to the council. We removed that for a reason.

  5. From what I can gather, the last few Presidents have done something bad, or nothing at all. To fix that, the rank is going to be removed and replaced. Let’s look at this from the two different sides of the coin.

    Firstly, there is meant to be an alternation in power (In this case, an alternation in who’s the President) so that we can try new and different things, and so that current systems (and eventually the people) don’t become corrupted. If we remove the Presidency, and a Council takes over, it will always be the same people. Sure, there could be elections for the Council, BUT THAT GOES AGAINST ALL THAT IS HAPPENING HERE. Let that sink in.

    Secondly, more people (the Council) means better management and ease to carry out the have-been President tasks. However, quantity does not equal efficiency, which means that the people will have to be handpicked. To be more precise, handpicked by the FG. As said before, better management, or multi-tasking, as different members of the Council could be carrying out a different task each. Then again, they’ll have to KNOW how to deal with them, which means that who the FG picks needs to have experience (or really show the ability of knowing how to do specific stuff) on a certain area. For example, if another clan wants to address us, if the newer people have issues with something, if a Law is conflicting with another, etc. Or you could be golden and be good at everything. It’s GSA, who knows.

    But I, personally, believe that Presidency should be removed (therefore and thusly, my vote is -), but would like to advise the FG or whichever ruling body makes up the to-be Council (or whatever manner of rank that is to replace the Presidency) that you must wisely pick the members. President is being removed for a reason, so let’s not be hypocrites.


    1. First off, the members and the plan is complete. Second, this is to be approved or declined by the CL. I don’t want the FG to have anything to do with it. The Imperial Council (name is debateble) will prevent the idiocy of our past Councils and allow a better way for GSA Members to gain a better hold in GSA. If Nick approves a full plan will be published and voting will begin.

  6. We’re going to be joining a military game, normal clans that exist in games like first person shooters don’t have a president or a government because they rely on a simple rank system. To make this change we need to remove president.

    I would urge you to make your vote not because there are bad or good presidents, but on a more solid, or stationary belief that we need to change. Who knows, perhaps a new member could join and become the next Nickman101 as a president.

    I say –

    (A bit hypocritical of me eh?)

  7. The only reason why I put a minus up is quite simple. Our current leaders are just, and equal and I really don’t fear them making GSA into a dictatorship. None of them. I’m sure the FG will still listen to the populous of GSA and I’m sure this clan can keep moving forward. Now if they were all to change, if we had totally new untrustworthy members of the FG, then I would like some other form where the populous would have a vote but rightnow, I don’t think we have to worry about going back to Jason’s dictatorship.

  8. + I like democracy, just because Yassine was a total fucking idiot doesn’t mean we should remove the presidency. AND NICK YOU BASICALLY MADE HIM PRESIDENT DON’T TRY TO REMOVE IT JUST BECAUSE YOU SCREWED UP

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