MMC defeated themselves.

Hey MMC, thanks for saving us the time and effort, (though little would be required,) to defeat your clan.

Really? Posting the IP’s and Emails of GSA members? You realize that this is a conflict between two entities made up of players, regular everyday teenagers and kids mostly, that both play the same online flash game right? AN ONLINE FLASH GAME. I wish I could punch some sense into you kiddos, but I suppose the moderators will do that themselves.

Anyhow, Blackbird has been banned indefinitely by Plazma Burst 2 moderators, and MMC members have been banned for one month, as well as multiple DF users involved.

If DF want’s to back off as well then we’re open to that. After the destruction of your chat by MMC and now this, you should see that MMC is just trouble and that it would be better to discard them as an ally. Otherwise, the 2v2 is still on, now a 1v1 between me and your leader.

Also make sure this guy is banned too lol:


P.S.: We will never condone cyberattacks.

P.P.S.: In the future, hypothetically, on an unrelated note, if moderators were to have to take action against the GSA because one of our members decided to break our own clans law and perform a cyberattack, I wish that the moderators contact me before banning me and other members of my clan. We don’t condone cyberattacks, and if one of our members performs an attack, you can believe that he/she will be immediately fired from the GSA and banned on any of our communicative services. So far the contact that we have had with plazma burst 2 staff has not all been overseen by me, which it should be if it concerns the GSA’s health since I am the leader and an individual who might be banned if anything does occur.


16 thoughts on “MMC defeated themselves.

  1. How about someone punches some sense into all of you? Yes, this is an online Flash game. IT’S NOTHING MORE THAN THAT. Why the fuck do you create some online cults and “fight” each other? “We’re better than this, we’re better than that.” Clans defeat the damn purpose of PB2. You guys drag yourselves into all of this drama and trouble. Trying to threaten people over a game? MMC, you’re a bunch of kids. GSA? You guys play right into their scheme. Stop warring so many clans, and useless ones at that. You don’t need to “prove your dominance”. You guys are going to shift over to No Heroes anyways. Stop wasting so much time and effort into wars in PB2. You guys are never going to be able to drift away from this place if you keep coming back to it. No Heroes better not be another generic killing game, corrupted with “clans” and “factions” and “guilds”. Just no.

  2. LOL^

    And you do understand that we are the ones that are winning this war at the moment so don’t pretend you guys have the upper hand of this war. ”MMC DEFEATS THEMSELVES? JUST HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?” It is called Civil War, kid.

    We are up against three clans? You mean we are just fighting three clans that are on their roads to failure? Oh, we can’t surrender when we are the ones that are winning obviously. Lol so.. Either way we are going to win the war so the ones that shall be surrendering and GIVING up is you guys technically and god that last sentence is so dumb.

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