Final Presidential Election Sign Up


A new president must be elected, who will our leader be?

Will it be you?

Sign up in the comments. In order to be applicable to run for President, you must be of the rank of lieutenant or higher.








All irrelevant comments will be deleted.

 Sign up will be over on February 3rd; 15:00 PST


20 thoughts on “Final Presidential Election Sign Up

    1. *Signs up as VP*

      Yes, I am running for his VP and yes Nickel approved this. I know I screwed up badly, but you live and learn right? I had lots of things I was going to do my second and third week but that was all cut short. I will be continuing what I was going to do during my own Presidency as Snippers VP. I know there is not exactly a lot of reasons to trust me now, but I hope you vote for the
      Snip-Power Campaign.

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