Pzk’s removal from Head Spy

As several of you potent enough to pay attention to recent developements know, we’ve gone through a lot of spy/threat issues for a while now. Now the Head of Spy ought to have been trying to reduce or even eliminate any chance of spies entering GSA with all of their various intents. But he hasn’t. No, he hasn’t stopped any of them from going onto our chat since the whole issue came to, nor has he been on enough to take any actions to preventing these people from coming into GSA. Others such as myself, Jeep, Banana, AJ and more have taken it upon themselves to do his job. Therefore I propose we replace him officially since I’ve heard he’s already been replaced by someone else, but not officially with a vote.

So here’s the vote aspect.

(+) In favor of removing Pzk: 6

(-) In favor of not removing Pzk: 1

Best regards,


[Banana]: Vote to be extended a week.


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