New Law

Only members of the EKAT division may fight in official battles with foreign clans unless the Ekat member chooses  to invite a player/etc(P:1st degree)



7 thoughts on “New Law

  1. That looks like it could discourage non-EKAT members to sharpen their skills, since they won’t have a shot at representing the GSA in any way. I mean, do you want a clan with unbalanced skill? Just my thoughts. ALL members of the GSA should be battle-ready.

    1. If non-EKAT members sharpen their skills in areas that they should be sharpened, such as just playing plazma burst 2 approved maps more often, then they can of course join EKAT by trying out.

      You study before the test.

      1. But…wouldn’t that make skilled members only join EKAT? There would be an overflow of applications and people in it. Unless, of course, that was your plan all along, Nick. lel

        Maybe there should still be skill-specific divisions (One for snipers, one for rockets, etc). Although…generalizing in a variant battle would…bring pros AND cons…..uhhh forget that.

        Just do what you want I’m not even in GSA XD I’m just thinking out loud. That happens when you’re not in any clans yo

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