Election fix suggestion

Okay, so recently, I have been aware of Yassine’s role as a president of the GSA. To be honest, he doesn’t seem to have a very good fit as one so I assume that we need an improvement on our Election system.

Candidates – I think Candidates should be approved by members of the FG only, at least 2 FGs would be precise if they find the pending candidate who knows about the GSA and understand how our government and, our system works. People should also consider devoting their time on who to pick and vote for. Our last election we had which showed Nick wanting to run Pres, next time Nick can you be specific on which GSA member you prefer to choose, maybe get some suggestions from the FG members? I am pretty sure they have plenty of suggestions regarding some members who would have a very good reputation and progress in the clan.

So that is all what I am suggesting



10 thoughts on “Election fix suggestion

  1. I say we destroy the presidency altogether.

    P.S. Yassine’s gotta be feelin’ like crap right now.

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