Diplomatic Changes!

Hello GSA so i thought about the Isolation system and the way it works and i really dislike it because it has been proven to be useless and create more tensions with foreign clan.So i wanna get rid of this system!

(+)(We should Keep): 9

(-)(We shouldn’t Keep): 1

(Vote ends: February 1st, 2015/ 5:30 PM Eastern Time)



24 responses to “Diplomatic Changes!

    • ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ says:

      oh i misread the post, i mean i want to keep isolation, my bad, i change it to + cuz i read the post to fast

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