DoomWrath’s View on Recent Nukes “Reblog”

The follow is a statement, made by DoomWrath, is his and the pb2 mod team’s view on the recent cyber attacks regarding the nuking of Delta Force’s chat.

To read the post at pb2 forum, go here.


[Nickman101:] I already thought this was the viewpoint of Plazma Burst 2. The only problem is punishing those actually responsible, because, as many of you know, just earlier today, BananaReaper was framed for destroying the DF chat.

Hello PB2 Community.

Just a note on the current clan situation in Plazma Burst 2. If you’re not in a clan, you may disregard this message.

While we do not have an official clan system in PB2, people over the years have created their own clans with tagged nicknames, private chatrooms, their own websites, etc. That’s all well and good – it promotes a sense of community, which is a very nice thing to have.

Unfortunately it has also resulted in battles between rival clans blowing way out of control, into the realms of hacking, spying, and cyber-warfare. Not only is this in breach of PB2 rules, in many countries it is also 100% illegal.
Simply, if you wear the clan tag in your nickname, you discuss clan matters on this website, or you link to the website on your profile, you take part in clan wars in-game, or recruit new members in the chatroom, you have made your offsite group part of PB2.

If you disagree with this ruling, on the basis that all events are happening offsite, consider this analogy:
A man steals a car in Europe, and flees to the USA to escape the law. The USA prevent the man entry on the grounds he is a criminal, and force him to either spend time in a US prison, or return to Europe.

In the same way as this – if you take part in any activities that breach PB2 rules in clan chatrooms, on clan websites, or using messaging services while discussing these PB2-linked clans, you are at risk of suspension or permanent removal of your Plazma Burst 2 account.


Clan drama, with people being framed for these acts, people raging and swearing in-game at rival clans, and general hate for other based simply on the tag they wear, is not acceptable.

What will happen now?

From Sunday 1st February 2015, anybody found to have taken part in clan site hacking or nuking will have their accounts permanently banned with no chance of revoking.

Anybody found to be planning any kind of nuking/hacking action using PB2’s services will also be suspended for any time between a month and a year.

Note: We won’t be accepting excuses such as “It’s all a joke”. Clan drama needs to end now.

Clan leaders who fail to eject players involving themselves with hacking attempts

Any warnings will be the only chance you get. If you engage in nuking/hacking, do not expect a warning before a permanent ban.

A favour I require from you:

– If you are part of a clan, make sure the leader has read both this message and the PB2 rules.
— If you lead a clan, and catch a member breaking rules, please inform a PB2 staff member and eject them from the clan if necessary.
— If you are currently ‘at war’ with another clan, make it clear to them that all fighting will occur in-game, and your clan will not be taking part in any illegal activity.

How do I make sure my clan/I don’t get involved in this?

– Be courteous and polite to other clans.
— Refrain from spying activities.
— Solve all matters in-game in fair matches – not through hacking and drama.
—- Report any rule-breaking activity as soon as it happens. You will never be banned for it – you will be kept 100% anonymous if requested.

What is actually banned?

Hacking of any kind, into other’s web resources, accounts,
Nuking – Wiping the contents of a site by gaining significant privilege by any means (Hacking, or joining and receiving promotions)
Dos/DDoS attacks on clan members.
Revealing personal information of other clan members/clan rivals.
(To clan leaders) Allowing other clan members to hack/illegally attack rivals.

And the penalty for this behaviour? An instant permanent ban. I cannot stress how important it is to make sure you understand what is and what is not banned.


If you wish to continue in this clan drama and cyberwarfare, then please do not bring it into the world of Plazma Burst 2. Don’t involve the two, and so long as you aren’t arrested, you will be okay.


Honestly it is a shame I have had to create this post, as I had thought the community as a whole was more mature than this. Please, prove me wrong and end this pointless drama.

This post may be modified in the next week or so, again, please make sure you’ve read and understood it. I’m not doing this to force un-needed rules on the community, or to back up ban-happy staff. I’m doing it to remove both the spite and hate, as well as prevent any illegal activities from taking place.


Imma Banana,



14 thoughts on “DoomWrath’s View on Recent Nukes “Reblog”

  1. ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ says:

    “Honestly it is a shame I have had to create this post, as I had thought the community as a whole was more mature than this.” Yeah because 70% does not exists out of 12 to 14 year olds :/

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