Threat Evaluation

These are Threat level from other clans!

Delta Force.: Very Weak in general but has been attacking our bases and littered the GSA with Spies and also made site hacking Threats!

Modern Millitary.: Very Inactive and weak but has Helped Delta Forces partake in the Base Raids against GSA and also made a couple of  Site Hacking threats collbrates with Delta Force 

We are moving down to Defcon 3 because of the current wars that we have!

P.S I will be kind of inactive because am using my laptop since my PC broke down!I will be on the chat some time in the day but cant help raid but will give out war commands if needed!



3 thoughts on “Threat Evaluation

  1. And you said you were making it Defcon 3, but didn’t actually change it? *walks off to change it myself*

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