Hello GSA raspberries, I am Faunus or aka. Buz*cough*z*ard*cough *cough *cough* 1. I am currently the only ”GSA” Sergeant here at the moment so, idfk. Those who may remember me in 2011-2012… good for you, because I would assume to remember you but I would doubt you’d remember me.

So anyways, I’ll posting GSA topics, as well as content regarding future events established by the clan itself and about GSA installations such as maps that I will start making, and as well what the FG members want me to post. So yeah I’ll post when I can even though I am not much on as I used to be, unfortunately so yeh.

Le War Speech – To DF and MMC:We Gon’ Find you, so hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband we are rekting everyone out here.



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