Possible Policy Change

Recently Nick made a post about a possible new recruitment policy, which would prove either being more strict in the kills of new recruits, or move GSA into an invite-only clan. Since the lax between policy decisions has been so long, and that if we go with proposal #1, any recruit recruited now may or may not be treacherous. Therefore I would like to postpone any recruitment activities, and to not accept any new Join Applications. This will be in effect until a new policy is decided on. (Hopefully proposal #1)

The post regarding Recruitment Policies can be viewed here.

[Nickman101:] You can’t actually do that, you can change the law to do that though. Anyhow #1 has been found as the majority.

[Jeep-Sama]: So then what do I do, Nick-Sama? I’m the one who does the join page so I kinda need to know the fudge is goin’ on.

[Nickman101:] I just changed the recruitment policy so you don’t need to do anything 😛

Imma Banana,



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