Future History

Since Yassine made a history post, I thought it would be nice to make a future history post.

This post can’t be accurate at all – it is just an insanely optimistic view of the future


(Written July 12th, 2020)

In 2015 GSA had a surge of members due to the mass colonization of new games and the announcement that Eric Gurt had retired and multiplayer server support would be pulled. GSA, being used to adaptation, moved games easily. This, however, came as a shock to GSA’s peers, and most died due to their PB2-only nature. Some attempted to hone their skills playing campaign, and some even attempted setting up their own servers, but these efforts proved both too inefficient or too lengthy.

However, not all threats to GSA were completely extinguished. Some members from rival clans showed contempt for GSA’s survival and adaptation. Some would stop at nothing to exterminate the seemingly immortal GSA. Over the next few months, several GSA sites were deleted and admin accounts were hacked. Finally, on February 20th, 2016, GSA had every single account on their site shut down. GSA faced a true dilemma, as every time a site was opened, it was taken down in a matter of weeks, and accounts were no longer reliable. WordPress was now not a safe haven.

Seeking true safety from malicious persons, GSA started a campaign to raise money for their cause on Patreon. They used the amount of money they collected each month to pay for secure website hosting with full protection of all users. This new era of commitment in GSA marked a level of professionalism and unity that had not previously been seen. Their dilemmas and Patreon started an international movement against malicious hackers, and public websites were given more security by ISPs. On August 23rd, 2017, a new bill was passed by Congress to require user security to be insured by ISPs.

GSA was now a truly recognized name. Players of all kinds came from all corners of the globe to participate in the revered clan. Because of the massive influx, GSA was forced to create expansive divisions in dozens of different games. At this point, GSA was receiving over ten thousand dollars each month to pay for the costs of maintaining all the groups at their height.

However, not all the money was necessary to keep GSA’s motor running. GSA eventually started donating 90% of their earned funds to several major charities. They were now seen as major philanthropists, and their fame continued to grow.

Months passed without event, until in May 2018 GSA became disqualified from all Major League Gaming events since their sphere of influence caused them to win every competition. This was only the beginning of problems that would set GSA downhill. Later on in the year, GSA had enough credibility among the gaming community that game developers regularly shaped their games around the results of varied polls GSA initiated. Some, of course, were jealous of GSA’s monopoly on game design, and were unhappy that other peoples’ opinions were not being represented. GamerGate MkII began and GSA was eked out of the developing community.

GSA was accused of laundering money through one of their self made charities, using funds to advertise the charity, gaining large amounts of cash and then funneling most of it back to themselves. The court case was long and complicated, since GSA was such a sprawling organization. It was finally found that the persons involved were only in one of GSAs divisions, and the leaders of the scam went by the pseudonyms Gigoto, Jason, and Miranda.

The result of this was fatal for GSA. Almost all funds were cut from Patreon, hundreds of members left, and they had lost all respect from the international community. Few now refused to associate with them at this point. Several games banned GSA members from playing due to the scam. On December 13th, 2019, the last hundred or so members of GSA moved to free to play, tolerant games – reminiscent of their early days.

Unable to contain the interest of the few members left in GSA, the final few sank into reclusion, preferring to talk and play with their old compatriots than actually run a successful clan. They continued receding until their chat lost its final active member – all records were lost due to the deletion of the chat, so no one knows who it was. It was officially confirmed on July 21st, 2020, that GSA was dead by a depressingly brief post on their vacant site by a longtime member.

Among the clanning community, GSA’s death sparked the interest of a few people, including myself. It was amazing to us how such a titanic clan could have fallen out so tragically of the public eye and out of existence. It stands as a powerful testament to us and hopefully to others that nothing can truly last forever.

Farewell GSA,

– Pzk M


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