GSA History Lesson!

Ok i Know this the longest posts i made but please read it!

There’s some inaccurate things in here. I just went from memory + checking back on some old posts from major clan sites. Call me out if you notice something inaccurate in this.


In the month of September 2011, former SWBFII player Jason408 colonized the GSA into a game called Plazma Burst 2 (PB2). Amongst the creation of this clan, Jason408 claimed to have 10 secrets in which he would give to his most trusted members. It is unknown if these secrets were real or simply fabricated. If they were real, no one knows who has them now. It could be multiple persons, in fact, because GSA skyrocketed in members from the beginning.

A month into GSA’s start in PB2, a girl joined GSA and got to know Jason, and eventually became his Clan Matriarch (CM). She was Miranda, the founder of Axis. During her time in GSA, she created a clan called EKAT, Axis’ original name. It was meant to be a division for GSA. However weeks later, Jason showed his obvious corruption. Miranda was the only one to notice. She warned EKAT of this, and slowly, EKAT turned against Jason and his empire. The start of a bloody war that spanned through three years.

[Nickman101:] Just ignore the bit about Axis, Axis was nothing compared to EKAT. Axis and all of the other EKAT clones were just the sputters of a dying engine. Miranda didn’t like how the GSA run, and it was her fault if she couldn’t take it. It wasn’t Jasons fault, and Miranda was in the wrong.

January 2012. Both GSA and EKAT are big enough to survive without assistance. At this point, three major groups are fighting against GSA – EKAT, BOA, and AGSA. Recruiting was at an all time high for every clan, and tons of smaller clans arose. Those were the days in which most of PB2 was forced to pick either GSA or AGSA. For the next few months, there were power struggles between GSA and EKAT, while a group of people called Prophets along with their followers constantly threatened both clans. Otherwise, both clans were in a deadlock tie. At least, until EKATs Revolution.

[Nickman101:] There was really no BOA in 2012. AGSA was about dead. EKAT worked with the prophets a bit, but their relationship was unclear.

September 14 2012. Rhaego, a decorated military member of the GSA, was on the GSA chat talking with friends. However, for about an hour she got into a personal dispute with multiple other members. Angrily, she left the chat for hours. She came back, however, with the full force of the EKAT military trashing the chat, and taking any members possible. Some people joined EKAT that day in order to spy from the inside. These attempts were scrapped however, when Nickman, a co-leader of GSA, called the spies back in, since GSA would simply die from demotivation if the member drop was real.

[Nickman101:] Okay, I think this is mostly accurate.

Surprisingly, nearly all of the ex-spies refused to go back into GSA, as they realized they were treated better in EKAT. This triggered GSAs slow deterioration. Nickman left without warning. Jason was AWOL for months. Meanwhile, the original BOA was dead, AGSA slowly dying. There were a few medium-sized clans around, such as Raze, GAF, and the notorious AlphaHawks. EKAT reached the top and could then focus on self improvement.

[Nickman101:] You skipped another big chunk of history. Also I didn’t leave without warning, I had an entire retirement post and how I was retiring to BoZ. When I left Jason was not gone. BOA was still dead, I don’t know why you believe BOA really existed much back in 2011-12. AGSA was definitely dead at this point.

EKAT was led by a whopping council of 13 Assistant EKAT Founders (AEFs) along with Miranda. They then worked on reviving old clans that died. The only clan to successfully be revived, however, was BOA, led by UrKillerV. EKAT helped nurse BOA until it was large enough to fend itself.

[Nickman101:] It sucks that immediately after I left stuff started falling apart. I remember my last wish was for the GSA to never get rid of democracy. It looks like they mostly followed through.

Meanwhile, the spy group XCOM was created. The group found out a glitch in Plazma Burst 2 that allowed you to become invisible and invincible in multiplayer, dubbed the GHOST Glitch. Despite attempts to keep this advantage a secret, a corrupted EKAT member named Kcimroc told everyone of the glitch. Kc was quickly fired for obvious treason. XCOM quickly fell apart, and a group of people questioning EKATs leadership broke away and formed the Relics.

Their first moves were attacking the EKAT and BOA sites. The EKAT site had a backup. BOA, however, didn’t. Their site was obliterated. When EKAT offered to help out, UrKillerV refused. After this incident, BOA and EKAT became terrible enemies.

The Relics faded away after some more minor scuffles between small clans. Raze, on good terms with EKAT, grew in size and became just about as large as EKAT and BOA. GSA, on the other hand, was losing members fast. Most of their remaining people were just the leaders. It would seem that it was anyone’s war, until came the rise of MPLA.

At some point, GSA, BOA and Raze banded together and called themselves the MPLA. Of course, GSA and BOA would bar EKAT from joining the alliance, so Raze and GAR eventually sided against EKAT, making the war a 3 versus 1. This intimidated some EKAT and a few people even left to join MPLA. However, EKAT fought with mighty will and determination. In the end, MPLA only landed one minor attack, and EKAT destroyed their sites multiple times, via spying, eventually causing MPLA to fall apart.

[Nickman101:] The MPLA sounds familiar probably because I rejoined by this time, I don’t remember.

Spring of 2013. From here, everything coasted at a smooth level. EKAT still had tension with Raze and BOA. GSA was still an enemy. At this point, barely anyone played PB2. Jason returned and tightened the laws. By now, another person came into play in GSAs leadership. Joining GSA as a CM in training, she was widely accepted by most of her new clan. Her name was Tethys, our current leader. Shortly after her arrival, during her GSA leadership training, she became President of GSA.

In her Presidency, she introduced several new ideas and plans to the GSA. Although receiving mostly positive criticism, the FG (Founders Group) brought it down, accusing Tethys of trying to take over the GSA. After that, it was obvious Jason was plotting to remove whoever was a threat, in this case Tethys. In the end, he fired her from the FG from Law 55:

55. When you reach the rank Lieutenant you can no longer have the freedom of going to the EKATs chat or their allies chat if found guilty of this the punishment will be a demotion of one (1) rank.

However, he demoted her more than one rank, down to Commander, which was not at all a high rank in GSA. Tethys eventually quit GSA for EKAT anyway, and that was that. By now, EKAT had all of the smartest minds of all the clans, such as Gigoto, Rhaego, Dr. Reaper, Rinzler, Ryth, Rogue (if I do say so myself), Tethys, Axel, and many others. GSA and EKAT were nearing towards neutrality, as Nickman returned and led GSA as Jason was inactive again.

Fall of 2013. Since 2011, GSA just disregarded Jason’s corruption. Now, they were starting to take notice. They saw the illegal laws, the pulled strings in the FG. By October 2013, most of GSA were against Jason, the founder himself. Jason’s reign was over.

Meanwhile, EKAT was facing its own problems. MrMcShroom, a high ranking EKAT and Raze, was angered by undeserving people getting Vice Commander (VC), a variant of AEF after the EKAT ranks were reset and modified. Many other people joined in on this. When Miranda didn’t take away the opportunity of VC from the people that Shroom and his followers disapproved of, they destroyed the chat and left for BOA and Raze.

GSA (now led by Nickman in a new site) became completely neutral to the war. While BOA and Raze were relatively peaceful with EKAT before the Shroom incident, they made no attempt to keep the peace, and in fact encouraged war with EKAT. Members were spilling out of EKAT. Miranda moved the clan’s site to a forum. EKAT thrived in it for less than a month before the forums was ripped apart. BOA and Raze would do more than just winning the war at this point. They would kill EKAT once and for all.

EKAT moved again to one last forum. A clan previously in the 100s was now feebly holding a little over 20 members. They tried their best to keep the clan alive, but everyone has their limits. There were no allies of EKAT left. All dead or dying slowly as well. EKAT, the clan since 2011, was dead by early December 2013, and there was no one left to notice.

[Nickman101:] EKAT really died a lot before this honestly. By this time they were trying to desperately revive themselves for some reason.


12 thoughts on “GSA History Lesson!

  1. *slow-clap* Amazing! Absolutely amazing! Some inaccuracy, but recalling a history as long as that of GSA is difficult. However, I am extremely disappointed in myself for not making such a post before (XD) Also the 10 secrets thing, there were 3. All 3 secrets were, as I remember, given to 3 members by Blaze not Jason. Dr. Richtofen, Lord Chrome, and I do not remember the last. Also, the EKAT-GSA war was not started because Miranda saw Jasons corruption (He was not corrupt at the time) she started it and had EKAT defect because Jason refused to date/ be her boyfriend. She replied to this by, as I said, having EKAT defect from GSA and become it’s own clan. She then claimed of the “dictatorship” and “tyrant lord” rule of Jason which gathered some more followers (at the time these were untrue). As the EKAT-GSA Civil War went on even Miranda forgot the reason we were fighting. Otherwise, just a few dates are wrong but this is still amazing :D. Great work!

    1. Well it’s missing a lot of detail actually, but if it is supposed to be a general overview of history, it is still missing a lot of important details. It should hit in many more details, I mean XCOM is a very minor detail in the history of the GSA but it was included.

      Anyhow, this is the history of the GSA’s most significant happenings by your eyes Yassine, so I understand the holes.

    2. ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ says:

      Oh and plazma, to add to xat convo, i dont have the luctury to care about ppl like that, im to dead inside for that

  2. Now for the proto-history. Before the days of PB2, far back at the end of 2010 and the start of 2011, a clan called RAL was created in SWBF. They were fairly small, with only about 15 members, but they did their best to fight larger clans – mostly SNP, but for a little bit }DAM{. About three and a half months later, RAL’s spies in SNP succeeded into making key members of their community defect to us. SNP’s spies were successful in destroying the site of RAL. This was the turning point, and RAL turned into GSA. GSA fought the war for a couple more weeks, but the solidarity of the people languished and they stopped engaging them. They decided to remain peaceful for a time, but the lack of stimulation caused members to leave and join more exciting clans. This was a moment of crisis for GSA. In a decision that was meant to keep the clan alive, Jason, Blaze, and the rest abandoned GSA in SWBF and moved to PB2 to keep it alive.

  3. ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ says:

    Errm nick i was in the inner circle, not those from the secrets but i was a gen 4 in the old days, and yassin you forgot how ryan pretended to be jason and how i was the person that trashed the mpla site

  4. Good times. When we actually did things and I had to put my mind to actual work. Strategies, laws, more laws, periodically enforcing peerless grammar in the posts and chat (Those were dark times for EKAT). And some laws too.

    I’m just glad MLG jokes weren’t so famous back then, or we would be shrekt. On all accounts.

    But seriously, though. I stick around to this day because it’s fun to talk to all these people. Be it about games or clans or…stuff. Anything.

    okay i only go to gsa chat but why would you care you cheeky scrubs? wana 1v1 on rust at 4:20? ill b dere after my midnite milk k

    But uh…yeah, that’s about it. Stay strong, Girl Scouts of America. I’ve nowhere else to go. 😦


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