No Heroes

Since Plazma Burst 2 is in decline, we have been searching for new games to colonize, and we have found an extremely promising game named “No Heroes.”

Reasons for colonization:

This game is in alpha, and is still being built as we speak, which is a great advantage for the GSA because if we join the game early than we can be one of the first clans, get tons of people to join our clan, and discover the game and become high ranked in the game really quick.

The community will be brand new too, it won’t be like most other games where people have been playing it forever and you run into matches and are dominated by high ranked players or pros or exploiters.

This game is Free!

This game does not require a good graphics chip or computing power, but it looks excellent so far!

The game is greenlight on Steam!

Here’s a video of some Alpha-Stage footage:



13 thoughts on “No Heroes

  1. But can we say for ex light jeep on fire,clip eagle’s wings,serve banana with ice cream for a banana split, call a airstrike down on Bravo,send an assassin to take out AJ,stab Rinzler and turn night into day?
    *takes off helmet*
    Heh if so then Coolio.

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