The Prodigal Daughter

Ready to laugh your asses off.

Never in my life have I seen such butthurt.

Oh my, as usual Tethys makes a most memorable entrance

After a few minutes ranting about how much she hates me and how everyone likes her better (drama queen much?), which resulted in me almost dying from cardiac arrest due to laughter, she abruptly left.

Bye and don’t let the door hit you, where the good lord split you. Good riddance

WOHOO! This convo really made my day and I hope it makes you day as well. Long Live GSA!



69 thoughts on “The Prodigal Daughter

        1. I was told that since I left before they would need to vote on it and after that I said I wanted to pull out then. That was like, about a week ago.

        2. even if this is what you’re getting me, what of Edward Richtofen? What of Bans? they’ve been in and out of the clan and are well loved

        3. Edward has joined a total of two times, and anyways he ismt even here. And Banana hasnt been in and out of the clan. The last time he left was when Jason fired him along with me. Unlike some people, Banana is loyal to his clan.

        4. I have no recolection of Banana quitting at all. If I was wrong in what I said I appologize. And tbh, I dont know about Edward. He isnt even active or here anymore so I see little point in worrying about him

        5. And not to rub old wounds, when you were fired the first time, it was justified. Just saying. I wont say more on the matter, i dont even wanna talk about it after i publish this comment

        6. Cant me and you just put away the salt and just be friends like we used to? Like we was solid fucking homies once upon a time.

        7. Well how come you didn’t tell the guy that’s in charge of recruitment? ._. And I don’t see why a vote would be needed.

        8. Who even is that? Anyways, that’s what Rinzler told me after he suggested I rejoined, he talked to someone or the other and said to leave my application in the meantime. Later, I think it was him, told me it would needed to get voted on, because I’m like, controversial or whatever.

      1. Well, I came into the chat to be greeted by Aj and Eagle talking lots of shit about me, after which I got a little deservedly defensive.
        When I told them that what they were saying was wrong, they simply banned me.

        And eagle is known for hating me hardcore hatred of me, and he literally is lying in this post, saying that I was butthurt and raged at him for a few minutes, when pretty much the only exchange we shared was this:

        It’s just Eagle bringing up old vendettas and stirring trouble for no reason whatsoever.

        1. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. My biggest pet peeve is false incrimination, and no I won’t “get over” you slandering me and lying through your teeth for the nth time for the sake of some perverse addiction you have to irritating me.

        2. You’ve made it very clear that you don’t care if you have to lie, slander and quote out of context to gratify yourself, I’m aware.

        3. Bro, you need to get over it. Your just making noise in the comment section of my post cause you have nothing better to do anymore.

        4. I am very much happy to get over it, however I don’t think you can, as you seem to be continually trying to antagonize me.

        5. I’m not sure if you’re just feigning stupidity or if you’re actually missing the very basic point here…

        6. I dont want you to listen to me. Thats why ive been saying I dont care. Your the one who isnt getting the point

        7. I dont want you to listen to me. Thats why ive been saying I dont care. Your the one who isnt getting the point. And its your opinion that im wrong.

      1. You forgot to include that this all occurred after I walked in on you shit-talking me, and tried to situation down, but then you just banned me.
        So glad that the “freedom!” has returned to GSA.

        Like I say, if you’re gonna tell a story, know the story.

      2. I agree that the whole story should have been told, but I would have preferred this post didn’t exist at all. I personally do not care about petty rivalries between people in our chat, and I don’t see why this should be posted on our official site. This isn’t anyone’s personal blog,may any standards.

      3. Well, Pzk, we actually agree here.
        I didn’t know that the GSA site was a personal-venting blog or an avenue to exact some sort of personal revenge, and I disagree with it being used that way.

  1. First off, this entire post is one sided. Eagle, you just lost most of your respect from me. Second off, these annoying ongoings of the chat DO not need to be posted on the main page, it just clogs it up. The GSA News homepage is there for IMPORTANT posts, not these type of things. We must enforce our laws and rules better.

    1. You realize, Nick-Sama, and Aj-san both do things like this? Please don’t try to give orders to people who are leagues above you in rank.

  2. To do*
    And you know you like doing “things”.
    *kicks out of GSA Main Hall*
    *Locks doors*

    1. My nonsense aside, this scene wasn’t required. Legitimate reasons only need be used during the banning of somebody. I might not like quite a few of our members but I do not throw them out unless they have legitimately done something wrong.
      What applies to us applies to everyone else.

      1. No it doesnt. I have said this time and time again. This was the policy back in the golden days of GSA. Non-GSA on the chat DO NOT share the same rights as GSA members. Its simple.

  3. ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ says:

    I must say its not funny :/

  4. You don’t have to do anything. Your not in GSA. We hardly ever have contact. Things that hapoen in GSA are of none of your concern.

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