Legislative Branch Idea Update!

{Legislative Branch}

Officer of Foreign Affairs


Officer of Recruitment


Officer of Law Enforcement


Officer of Foreign Affairs: This officer is to report all diplomatic updates and changes in diplomatic relation’s with other clans to the Grand Diplomat and the Founder’s Group but this officer may not seek the power to ally/neutralize etc.This officer may also have the power to approve peace treaties without the Grand Diplomat’s authorization.

[Nickman101:] So basically Grand Diplomat #2? Redundant.

[Behemoth]: Don’t steal my color (D)

[YassineLeg:] Well its not really a redundant but i think a Grand Diplomat needs a backup officer!

[Eagle613]: I thought we left the legislative branch dormant? Cause of all the struggle and uselessness it brought up in the past.

[Nickman101:] We don’t need a backup Diplomat, we also don’t have enough members to merit all of these government positions that are honestly just extra.

[Behemoth]: What is the point of bringing this up if no one was interested when we had this before?

Officer of Recruitment: This officer must at least recruit 5 members to the GSA per week and must know the basics of  new members and should motivate them to stay as active as they can on both the site and Xat chat.This officer must also know the best GSA bases that are raiding free and should be familiar with Base Protocol.

[Nickman101:] Who would want to be this officer?

[YassineLeg:]I agree with you nickman101 we should change this officer’s job!

[Behemoth]: If you agree with him, then why did you make it that in the first place?

Officer of Law Enforcement: This officer can’t have the authority to to create laws but can suggest laws to the Founder’s Group/Presidency. This officers job is to mainly enforce law’s that are being broken by members and remind members of the laws there about to break. This officer must report the laws that have been broken by a member and have proof of them breaking that/those laws but doesn’t have the authority to punish the individual. Only the Presidency/Founder’s Group have that authority

[Nickman101:] This one I do like though, however remember that members are only charged with a crime if a superior officer believes it is prudent.

[Eagle613]: We have to remember that all members have the power to suggest laws to the FG or Presidency.

[Nickman101:] Yeah

P.S I know some of this still needs updates and idea’s but I gave it a shot!



15 thoughts on “Legislative Branch Idea Update!

  1. GSA used to have a page regarding crime that has been committed by our own members. I suggest we should bring that back, as well as adding a list of discharges that has been within the Galactic Security Army.

    Law Enforcement System – We used to have the Police Department which was lead by Agent Burke but has been demolished when he resigned. I assume there is a few flaws on the this system.

    -GSA Officers must comply with the laws regardless, they shouldn’t take advantage of saying ”we are the law.”

    -GSA Officers should have the authority to report crime coming from the GSA government, not just the military.

    -If possible, if other officers intend to commit a crime or mistreating members with false accusations. Then the members have the right to consult the Founder’s Group or the head of Office to give consequences to the member.

    -Must not enforce non-existent laws that was never made or officially established by the clan itself.

    There is already a Grand Diplomat, it’s purpose follows the same settings of a Office of Foreign Affairs.

    And as for the Office of Recruitment,

    I don’t think anyone would want this position and recruiting 5 GSA could be a colossal waste of time. So instead its best if you make the office recruit 3 members just like how it works for recruits to obtain the rank of Private.

  2. I don’t like this. Do we seriously need an abundant of government branches? Do we seriously need an “officer of law enforcement” even though there are tons of moderators/owners on the xat chat that can already enforce said laws? Do we REALLY need an officer of recruitment? Recruiting 5 people weekly isn’t something someone can do weekly (well they can but it’ll be hard and will definitely will not be finished every week). And don’t we already have an officer of foreign affairs? Even so, it’s useless, the FG can already do that–they are the Founder’s Group after all.

  3. i want to be in the running for officer of foreign affairs because i have done that sort of work before. While in the new ekat led by gigs, i stopped a war that was likely to happen. Nero even said so. For proof you can ask him cuz i cant find the pic.

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