Law edit

I have a proposed law edit to law 15.


rrent Law:

15. A player may not rejoin the GSA if he/she has been affiliated with an enemy/tensioned clan in any way, unless he denounces his/her affiliation with said clan(s) for a period of two weeks. (P: Fired.)

Law Edit:

15. A player may not rejoin the GSA if he/she has been affiliated with an enemy/tensioned clan in any way, unless he/she is given approval from an official FG vote. (P: Fired.)

Reason: We have had many run ins with members who in the past were very anti-GSA who rejoined GSA under a facade of repentance but whose sole purpose in the long run was to cause grief to our clan.

Yes- (+) (6 votes)

No- (-) (1 votes)

-Vote ends 1/20/15 12:00 PM EST


[YassineLeg:]Good Idea

[Bravo]: I changed the grammar (from anyway to any way) YOU’RE WELCOME 😀


16 thoughts on “Law edit

  1. -, I think we should make it an FG member decision, voting is already annoying and long enough, and if a bunch of people leave an enemy clan were gonna have to have a lot of votes.

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