New Presidential Term Vote!

Hello so I thought about the term of a President and how long it lasts and I don’t like the fact that it lasts 3 weeks because this in this short period of time a GSA President can’t really make as much reforms in the GSA as he/she expects so I would Like to term period to 6 weeks.

So i put a vote in place!

(+)(Yes The term shall last 6 weeks)

(-)(No the term shall only 3 weeks)

The Vote Ends 1/19/15 12:00 PM EST.



20 thoughts on “New Presidential Term Vote!

  1. 3 weeks is perfectly fine, if they didn’t do anything in that time, then they aren’t doing anything and should’ve been impeached.

  2. – War can be declared in real life in a week, mass genocide can be started in two weeks and my AP tests feel like three weeks so no.

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