Isolated Clans

I have created a new area for clans that we are Isolated too, these clans are not trustworthy, and their members are deceptive and against the GSA. To protect ourselves from trickery and to disengage these clans interests in the GSA in the face of espionage, members of the GSA will cease all contact with said clans and their members. The same principle here applies to Banned players.

New Law: Contact or communication of any sort with banned players or isolated clans without the permission of the FG is prohibited. [FG Implemented] (P: 3rd degree)



16 thoughts on “Isolated Clans

    1. How do we war with someone who doesn’t surrender and breaks any treaty he DOES make? It’s not like we can actually kill people >_>

    1. Buzzard, you misunderstand me. When I said there is no chance of peace, I meant that there is no chance of us making peace with them. They are more willing to make peace with us than we are with them. I just want to get this war over with since it seems like there is no other solution.

  1. This is just restating the PIN Pact. Also to SniperJ, GSA only allies itself with those who have something that benefits us. If you look at all my previous negotiations they have been with clans that have had something for us. MMC is just a clan of ranters that have a giant AGSA aura. As for peace with Delta Force, that is still on the table.

    1. Plazma, I never said we should all your clan with MMC, no one would agree on that, even me. What I meant is we just make peace with MMC instead of war, mainly because, MMC, is really a one man army, aka just Blackbird. And I’ve actually talked to Blackbird in the past, before all this tension. He said that he wanted peace but we always deny him saying it’s a trick. I agreed with him on having peace instead of war. I’m gonna use an example of why peace is better than war. Now I’m metaphorically speaking, because this is the Internet after all, where luckily, no one can physically die. But my example is that in real life, there are two options. Option A: you could go to war and either decimate your enemy or have your enemy decimate you. With this option comes lots of deaths, on both sides, and lots of hatred. Or option B: you could negotiate peace. With this option comes very, if any, deaths at all and it also brings a bunch of needless insults from people on both sides. Which one would you choose? The one with death and destruction or the one that comes with petty insults?

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