Presidential Election Sign-Up

GSA Presidential Election!

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Will it be You?

::.GSA candidates::.

Nickman101 (Yes, I am actually Running)




 ::.Presidential Speechs::.

~Nickman101’s Speech:

Gr8 t8ter t0ts m8 8/8 IGN #Nickman101forpres2015#BehemothApproves


~YassineLeg’s Speech:

It has been a Dream for me to become a GSA president, and if you vote for me I will make changes in the clan. I would also like to choose a Vice President that has an interest in politics and someone that’s honest. The things I would like to add to GSA is changes in Laws and add a Few more Laws also add things to the Judicial Branch, Executive Branch and Legislative Branch. Please Note that during my term I may not be able to add the Branch’s but I would like to give them a head start, so vote for me Please!



7 thoughts on “Presidential Election Sign-Up

  1. ill run.


    To be honest i just felt like trying to run for the presidency once more, and i wanted to see how it would pack out if i’d become president.

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