New GA bye Eagle

Since Eagle is inactive again I am going to hold another vote for a new GA.


Ajbenius – Votes 3

JEEPDINO – Votes 1

BananaReaper – Votes 11

Nighthawk – Votes 3

Rinzler – Votes 0

Bravo – Votes 0


P.S. XForce come on chat or site or else I’m going to have to make one of these for you!

[Jeep]: Xforce totes come online. ._.

[Nickman101:] I neer se himnub

[Behemoth]: XForce comes into the chat, hours before you in the day Nick, that’s why you do not see him.

[Nickman101:] I didn’t see him during break either.

[Behemoth]: He’s not on EVERYDAY

[Bravo]: y XF nevr comment?

[Behemoth]: That’s probably because he never finds a need to, but I do agree with you He should be motivating the lower ranks as Marshall, and should participate in activities more.


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