A New Year, remembering the old ones (the dicks, the kewl kids, and thingies)

Well guys, GSA is now a little more than 3 years old and right now, writing this post, I am thinking about the past. Yes, this would be more fitting 6 days ago but I’m making this now because I feel like it and this will only be only barely meaningful to the people who were here for over a year. (This is an old man list)

Long time forgotten Agent_Burke created the police GSA $#!T which had two (maybe more) departments and it was something like riot and detectives and he also created a place where people could fill out a form and report criminals, whether they were FGSA or GSA members breaking the rules. I met him in bases multiple times and he was pretty awesome.

[Nickman101:] Agent Burke is a big police detective guy, he was awesome.

Blindxsor created Golden Cobras (I think that’s what it was called) and he deleted comments that told that he was killing GSA that wouldn’t join GC. I joined GC and I felt awesome doing it, though he persuaded me to join it through threats.

[Nickman101:] GC were the Golden Crusaders, they were allied till the end.

[Bravo:] No the GC rebelled against us and it was Crusaders thx for the correction <_<

Gigoto did LOTS of good stuff…. I forgot what :/ but he was elected president at least twice I think. If it weren’t for him I might have left GSA in 2012. I posted a rediculous comment, flaming GSA for I don’t remember what, but he replied and forgave me and said I could stay in GSA as long as I wouldn’t do it again. I only checked for a reply to my comment a week later because I felt like I wanted to check the clan site. I asked Gigoto himself and he doesn’t remember doing that but it happened, I thought he was cool until he rebelled against GSA so many times unnecessarily.
[Nickman101:] Actually Gigs did just about nothing except appoint himself the CEO. Later, Jason scolded me for letting Gigoto do that.

Lord_Chrome: fag who tricked GSA people into leaving.

[Nickman101:] And quite a bit more stuff.

The Council was old but I think it’s worth mentioning. 10 new members were chosen every month (or maybe it was every two) and they had to vote on the GSA changes. I was one of the first 10 members and that is my happiest moment in GSA, because I didn’t even know GSA Xat chat existed but I became a member because I posted comments to GSA every day, I was actually recognized by the higher-ups!

[Nickman101:] Ur welcome C:

G$ was an expansion to GSA that lasted a month(?) and died… GG

Reset was a big Anti-GSA leader who was actually pretty cool (I joined AGSA at one point) though his members were dicks. Just wanted to mention him…

[Nickman101:] Reset created the AGSA.

I never want to forget these people (and organization things) because GSA has been a big thing for me and I want to remember everything that I encountered because of GSA. I also don’t want the mentioned to be forgotten. I’m bad at ending posts so…. Happy New Year!

PS someome make this pretty, looks ugly AF RN


7 thoughts on “A New Year, remembering the old ones (the dicks, the kewl kids, and thingies)

  1. G$ was not a GSA expansion. It was a separate clan and GSA came waay later after it’s death.

    GC’s Abbreviation is ‘Golden Crusaders’

    Reset the beast never lead AGSA, That was LostNeo. Reset lead ES* which later became a division for EKAT when the GSA-EKAT war happen.

    The old GSA site had a GSA PD page and had list of GSA PD members back in the old days, that division got demolished afterwards.

    Lord Chrome is still here but since the prophets are dead now. He is known as Death6600 who became one of the top 100 players.

  2. you forgot me, who joined once as a legit member, 3 other times as a spy, and participated in several AGSA activity’s, even though I never joined AGSA… and never will. I am my own person. now, I am okay with GSA ig. Its whatever.

  3. G$ or Gangster dollar was PB2’s first clan, k. GSA joined a good while after they were here, it was never a division.

    GC is Golden Crusaders.

    Reset was ES, or Earth Security.

    Miranda was the first GSA CM, Tethy being the second. Both betrayed GSA.

    Brother Green was Raegho.

    MrMcshroom is actually an expiriment created by Edward Richtofen with the help ofDr Reaper.

    Axel and Buzzard are twins, born from a vampire. Only Axel retaines his vampire abilities, while Buzzard became a hybrid faunus and later on becomming a main character in RWBY.

    Omega is the prophet of light

    That last statement was complete bs, I’m sorry.

    Omega is actually the prophet of time.

    Reset is back, check his profile.

    Jeep will kill anyone to protect is waifu from critisizm.

    The Myth is Scarlett the Kitteh.

    And that is all the history you missed.

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