New Recruitment Policy!

Dear My Fellow GSA Members, I Think we need to change up our Recruitment policy Because when ever we Recruit Members to the GSA they either are Inactive or just don’t come to the chat or the website so I would Like to make the following Policy to apply!

~When Making a Base or Recruitment  and a GSA Member Recruits New People to GSA They Should be told to do the following….

1.Apply on The GSA Join (Page).

2.Must add [GSA]Rec. to Their Pb2 name and Change Their Suit to Blue.

3.The Recruiter Must Know The basics of a New Member and should tell Them be active at least 4 times a week on The GSA Chat

4.Must Swear Their Loyality to GSA and Must Swear There are Not Spies Sent By other Clans.

[Note]I Want Nickman101 or The President or Vice President to Approve of this Policy Thank You!

[Nickman101:] I think we should just make the chat link more obvious on the join page.

[Behemoth]: I will do that.



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