Role System

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come to introduce that new role system I’ve been talking about. It has come to my attention that in GSA, only the mid to high ranked members do anything, with the exception of a few golden members. With this new system, if the lovely members of GSA vote to implement it, will give certain ranks a role to accomplish. If done successfully, it will give them rewards. Everyone enjoys rewards, correct? Well of course you do! So here’s how it works: 



Recruits: Recruit 6 members 

Privates: Make a base/Recruit

Corporals: Train/Make a base/recruit

Sergeants: Train/ make a base/Take part in raids/ recruit

Lieutenants: Train other GSA members/ recruit 


Get the idea? Perhaps more of an incentive would get the members to do more things around the house.

Recruiting 6 members gets you reduced time on promotest (Minus 1 day at start of week)

Making a base gets you reduced time on promotest (minus 2 days at start of week)

Training gets you reduced FG score on a promotest. (Originally must score 15 kills before FG scores 15. FG must now score 20 before you score 15)

Taking part in successful raids get you chat mod for 1 hour

Training up to 4 other members gets you a free promotest, regardless of your last day

If you would like to see this implimented, then vote [+]. If not, then [-]

~This is Omega and I approve this message. BTW, if you would like to have your post glowed up, pc me and ask for fish. I’ll know what it means.

[Behemoth]:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[Nickman101:] Why don’t you also make this an ACT since all of the promotion loopholes are included on the ACT Page so far.


11 thoughts on “Role System

  1. I like the idea of each rank having a job, but not of the cheaping out on the promo-tests and stuff.

  2. So, here’s the thing. I love the idea, it adds the aspect of actually having a job instead of just sitting around at chat doing nothing but occasionally raiding bases. Here’s what I think of the roles you’ve listed.

    Recruits: Recruit 6 members
    So, giving the recruit just a set number of people to recruit isn’t gonna really help the clan tbh. He (or she) will just hurry through at a base, recruit a bunch of randoms that won’t ever be active except parading around base maps with a GSA tag on. Yeah, it’s free advertising, but hell, that’s not gonna benefit the clan that much.

    Privates: Make a base/Recruit
    Overall this should be EVERYONE’S job, so the higher ranks can get a little bit of the action.

    Corporals: Train/Make a base/recruit
    Approved ~Bananana

    Sergeants: Train/ make a base/Take part in raids/ recruit
    All members should take part in raids, but approooooved ~Bananananan

    Lieutenants: Train other GSA members/ recruit
    So, you think becoming the rank of Lieutenant gives you the right to slack off and only do 2 things? Huh?! WRONG M8!

    So I love the idea and how it would be beneficial to the clan, but the roles need thrown around a bit. Maybe in an FG/Government Meeting we can discuss the proper roles for each rank, and even make a page for it! Omg the excitement! Squeeeee!!

  3. I think that this is a cool idea but the ranks are already pretty damn easy to climb enough and also the promotion system needs some serious refining. We should focus on that before enabling all of these boosts.

    Ynow back in the day we awarded members with higher ranks then they did a good job. Now all that seems to matter is if you can beat someone in a plazma burst 2 match and know a bit of GSA law.

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