Law 53: A rank that is General or higher may demote a rank that is below General, and Generals can be demoted by Marshalls (and higher). In order for a rank that is higher than General to be demoted, it must be voted upon, and the FG must decide what rank he or she should be demoted to


1) There isn’t a specific law stating who can and can’t demote

2) Marshall in this clan is literally the head of the military and the General rank is a small enough group, which is 2nd highest in the military, and should be given to the best. This is not given to the role of MjrGen. as that would be too many people in the military who can demote.

3) This includes the FG and the President

[Nickman101:] Last time I checked, members of the sub-FG cannot create laws without the democratic process. Also, there doesn’t need to be a specific law stating who can and can’t demote, it is an implied power as ordained in the Constitution. Also, you don’t need any of that demotion nonsense in the law because if anybody has a problem with a demotion then a trial can be held.


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