GSA Peace Proposal!

~BlackBird is mad because Silence Broke up connections with him!

~GSA should Have a Peace talk with BlackBird since he requested one on 12/28/14 and is waiting a week for Negotiation or war!

~GSA should continue Peace with Silence!

~Silence should find a way to keep peace between both Silence and MMC


[PS]I am Waiting on a FG suggestion and order on this conflict and also a Solution!I am also being impartial towards foreign Clans!

[Nickman101:] Why is Blackbird such a big deal, what clan does he represent atm lol


7 thoughts on “GSA Peace Proposal!

  1. The Grand Diplomat or other diplomatic people will have peace talks with other clans.

    Also– Blackbird has proven time and time again his “bipolar” nature, in which he talks of peace and kindness; He acts peaceful and innocent, like GSA are the bad guys and he’s just a victim, but that is not the case. After incidents in which he lashes out at GSA members, and they lash back in such numbers, he feels the need to declare war. The wars in which he declares always end up with him surrendering and killing his own clan, until he decided to revive it to “dominate” GSA, in which another war will start. This has become the Blackbird Cycle, and it needs to stop. No peace talks will be initiated for any clan that is lead by Blackbird, instead, we should isolate ourselves and ignore Blackbird’s ignorance and idiocy until he gets bored and leaves the community. The last time we allied him he just unallied us and declared war, so no, we aren’t allying Blackbird’s clans anymore.

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