Clans These Days…

Looks like we have an enemy boys… That won’t even spell his words out fully. Load the marshmallow cannons and wake up the troops!

Well late at night me and Rinzler were doing “stuff” (Bow chica wow wow) and someone named “Prototype” came onto chat with the story of spreading word of that PM. Me and Rinzy decided it was the  “clan destroyer” himself posting the PM and warning us.

Then he got banned forever :3

But just in case he somehow does have the equipment and know-how to nuke the site. I advise everyone know the link to our backups. Nickman, you might as well update it too.

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6 thoughts on “Clans These Days…

  1. This pipsqueak thinks a random nub clan can down GSA, let alone all other clans at once? He thinks someone will get adminship within a few months? The fudge is this midget?

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