Blackbrid wants to be unbanned so here is his trial, if the defendant or prosecutor wants to add stuff do it



22 thoughts on “Trial

  1. Here’s a list of why he is banned on the chat.

    Blackbird has made numerous clans and tried killing GSA.
    Threatened to post infected urls on the site to give site viewers viruses.
    Made alliances with noob clans to try and war us.
    Impersonated GSA members to cause internal disruption.
    Sent spies in to try and cause disorder.
    Overall AGSA attitude.
    All-around untrustworthy.

  2. Makes lies to attempt to ruin the reputation of GSA members

    Clan is still hostile toward GSA (we went on his M6 base and he killed and kicked us all while his members called us noobs)

    Manipulates those who don’t know him well

    Makes false statements about other clans to damage GSA’s diplomatic relations by causing war

    Consistent use of spam and sexual language on chat- irritates other members

    Arrogant and annoying attitude

    Why is a non-GSA member getting a trial at all?

  3. Reasons NOT to unban Black Bird:
    1. Hes a faget
    2. Hes a faget
    3. Hes a faget
    4. Emphasis on “Hes a faget”
    5. I’m going to kill you Yassine.

  4. Lol, you’ve done the same old shit over and over again. Make a clan, lose, get all nice with us, and then hate on us all over again. Like a noobier version of Gigoto.

  5. Bird look, don’t whine, and don’t you dare complain about you getting an unfair trial because its not unfair. You preach about wanting a chance, wanting to know us better, thriving for an alliance even wanting to call some of us the word “friend.”

    Yet you’ve been given chances, time to get to know us and mend your ways, and maybe even the sliver of a chance of calling someone in GSA the F word……………………………friend..

    You say this is an unfair trial, that we’re only gonna put up all the bad, yet that’s all you’ve given us, bad things to speak of you. So is it not logical….human nature to go off not one…but many experiences? To learn from your past mistakes? So Bird, excuse The Members of The Galactic Security Army, if they’re being overly cautious, if they think of you as an untrustworthy, immature child who shouldn’t be given another chance that would be thrown like a dirty rag, like all the other chances you received?

    1. I might have forgotten how closed minded you are also Bird. Not everyone hates GSA. Most when asked the golden question, “Why do you hate GSA, ” most can’t even answer, some say because of betrayal during Jason’s reign as leader and GSA is not like that anymore.

      Thing is, most “hate” GSA because they follow the crowd, they have no real reason to hate it. Not everyone wastes precious minutes of their lives hating a clan that isn’t what it was in the past. Why do you think people still join the Galactic Security Army? Why do you think a player can still have much fun on a match with a member the GSA?

      Because that cycle of hate is ending due to the fact that once again I must state, GSA is changing. Most people aren’t wasting time hating on a clan in its entirety is tying to mend its ways.

      Unlike you, one person who’s been given many upon many countless chances to change, yet every time you chose the path of stupidity, arrogance, hatred…..

      1. Sniper you are right. There is no reason for him to have another trial. It’s not like once you are convicted of murder and sentenced that you get another trial when you feel like it. (unless theres some serious new evidence.)

    1. Yes it is. When was it not.

      Someone is fired from the GSA by a member of the FG. It doesn’t say anything about permanently banning a member, but firing is basically the same unless the superior officer wants to let him/her in.

      1. Look man. You want to know what wastes less energy than hating you or aging you in our chat? Doing nothing about you, keeping you banned. This sounds cruel, but you have zero dependability when it comes to being allies with us. You even admitted you are bipolar towards us.

        Don’t you see we can’t confide in someone who has betrayed us? I won’t even try to respond to your accusations. Those are your opinions – you have a right to them.

        However, you’re not getting banned forever. If you can really actually be OK with GSA there’s no issue anywhere.

  6. The reason why the Cyclix war was “won” was because of the terms of the final battle. This battle was agreed to be the one to declare the winner of the war, and since Cyclix didn’t even show up the victory automatically went to GSA, due to the terms of the battle.

    Bird your reasons are quite illogical. Tell me one GSA member who thinks they’re perfect, hmm? Any human in their right mind would know the simple fact, that nobody on this Earth is perfect. And tell me how it’s a bad thing for a member of GSA to brag about his skills towards his or her comrades? Have you never told your friend or family member how good you are at something?

    I have nothing to say about why you hate the way GSA runs xD, its your opinion…… 😀

    And whats the matter with talking of past wars with other clans? Now I’m not supporting talking and trashing another clan you defeated as if you were so much better. For if you were, would it have been considered a war in the first place? Its definitely not wrong to talk about a recalled battle that you had a fond memory of such as how fun it could have been, or how risky it was.

    But its true, we only know the bad of you so thats what we go off of. You were given a chance to show something else, something better yet you miserably failed. So here’s what I’m saying. I don’t care if you rejoin the GSA chat since you might just be telling the truth, but then again I honestly don’t care if you’re still banned either, seeing as though you could just show the same BS you did the other times, you could prove to be a dis interesting person…

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