Two New Laws

I have created two new laws addressing voting regulations.

1. Whenever a vote is created to perform an action, then there must also be a category within such a vote in which members can vote to change nothing.

For Example:

Lets change the motto! You have these choices:

1. We suck

2. We suck more

3. Illuminati cuntfirmed

However, nobody wants these to be our new motto, so since these are their only choices, they either have to hope that nobody votes so nothing gets passed, or they have to vote for one of them, even though they all suck.

[Nickman101:] This law will not affect Pzk’s current vote.

2. In a vote with more than two choices to vote for, then if one choice does not seize the majority of votes, then there will be a runoff vote between the top two voting choices.

For Example:

Presidential Election Candidates:

Joebob Votes: 4

Tacogeorge Votes: 2


In an occasion such as this, we would usually say that Joebob has won the Presidential Election, however, this would also mean that Joebob has won the presidential election without being in favor of the majority of the GSA, why? 

Think about it this way:

4 people want joebob to be president, 5 people want other candidates (tacogeorge and JEEPDINOSAUR) to be president besides joebob. Therefore it isn’t fair for Joebob to become president because most of the GSA want other candidates to be president.

Therefore, to smoothen the voting process, JEEPDINOSAUR and Joebob will have a runoff vote, because they are the two top voted candidates. 



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