Motto Final Vote

The vote lasted two days as per regulation. We have elected to change the motto, but the motto vote itself was tied. So, as a tiebreaker, we’re having another, more condensed vote.

1: Semper Futurum (Always Will Survive) – 1 Vote

2: Plus Ultra (Further Beyond) –  2 Votes

3: All Will Be Well – 3 Votes

Same voting rules apply, vote ends Dec. 13th.


17 thoughts on “Motto Final Vote

      1. Retards and noobs use it. Mainly retards though.
        Example: Blackbird

        Also why would we want a dead language as our motto? Signifying that the clan is old? That its so old we won many wars? Same message could be delivered in English.

  1. They are all bad but ill have to vote for three.

    Pzk, you should have let the vote last longer, on the old vote 2 people voted to not change anything and 4 people voted to change the motto, that wasn’t enough votes to accurately calculate the opinions of the clan.

    However, it’s not illegal for you to do this.

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