EKAT + Plazma Burst 2

Some members are a little distraught after a large majority of EKAT was kicked from the division. The reason for these actions was that the purpose of EKAT is to be a dueling/match platform made up of only our best members. However, we acknowledge the fact that it is obvious that the plazma burst 2 skill of many members is a little more than what the website tells us. Therefore, future members who do not have an outstanding reputation on the website or by experience, may join EKAT by dueling a fellow member to test his/her skills. If the leaders of EKAT believe that he/she is proficient in skill to be considered one of the top GSA slayers, then he/she may join the division.

Also, on a different note, I want to try and start getting involved in plazma burst 2 again to refine my skills and be as good as a dueler as I was back in the day. So, what sort of settings do you use on plazma burst 2? Do you zoom in? Do you zoom out? (idk) Do you play it fullscreen? What browser do you use? Anything would be helpful.




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