Ok so this is a vote to give COOs editor or not. The only reason I think you should vote + is because I want editorship. TO GO INTO FURTHUR DETAIL the FG is called the Founder’s Groupees (definitely) and when I made a law how long ago trying to give Pres equal powers as the FG to get their voices heard everyone voted no because Jason argued that they apparently had to be in the FG and everyo–ok I’m getting off track… I want editorship (and I don’t think that Presidents should either because it’s really easy to be nice to people no matter what and then become editor as Pres and delete website… this is getting complicated just vote +) [Nickman101]: No, the President will always be more powerful then the COO, and nobody can delete the website except me.

[+] 4

[–] 2

PS–before some of you bitch about me being gone, since about half a week before Thanksgiving i have been afk (but still have been checking the website fequently) because I have been studying for exams and I HAVE MADE A POST a little while after my Thanksgiving break soooooo yea 😉 I’ll be back on chat like December 20th and also someone please make this post fab


21 thoughts on “VOTE + PLS KTHX

  1. + I would have done so much more shit for this clan if I had this.
    I cant even tell you how many times I’d be wanting to do something menial and I wouldn’t be able to.

    Furthermore, regardless of the power, the prestige and trust that is expected of an individual that has achieved the COO status is more legit than the presidents – you can win the hearts of the people and get president with a quick speech, but you can only get FG by being in the clan for a long time all the while being smart and trustworthy.

    1. I see what you are saying, but the President is the representative of the members of the GSA as a whole. GSA members are going to vote for a member they trust and respect and like, and their hope is that this member will do their best to further their interests in the clan. COO’s are voted into office (as well as other FG members, I added this recently), however, they are voted in for life unless they mess up or do something illegal. So a COO can be lazy and largely inactive and even a jerk sometimes and never be recycled out of office, also a COO will represent the peoples desires at the time he was elected, but months after he is elected, they may not agree with his actions or ideas.

      For example, the reason that the House of Representatives is considered more “wild and radical” then the Senate, is because House members serve out two year terms, so they have to always appeal to the people who vote for them, which is us. However, the Senators, only have to try to represent the people and agree with the people during their elections, which happens every 6 years, because 6 years is a long time in the eyes of the public, and the American Public is notorious for having an incredible short-term memory. Nobody will remember if their Senator that they voted in fucked up during their period of 6 years. Therefore, the reelection rate of Senators is 90%. That is why there are plenty of people complaining about how the Republicans won the Senate, and this is why:

      What people hate: Deadlock

      What the people see: Obama bad, we elected him to perform legislative magic, but he wasn’t able to, so its all his fault, Obama is democrat, don’t vote democrat.
      Republican not democrat, Republican says Obama is deadlock, vote Republican to stop deadlock.

      What they didn’t notice was that the Republicans are largely the reason for Deadlock, that Republicans shut down the government because they were pissing themselves over Obamacare. (Remember when that happened, and everyone hated Republicans?)

      Well they don’t remember any of that.

      Result of their actions: More deadlock. (Any 9th grader can tell you that unless you have 2/3rds majority in the house of reps then you cant push legislation past the president, who will veto any legislation that comes his way.) Did they actually expect deadlock to end?

      Oh, also, rather ingeniously, Obama turned the Republicans attack strategy against them by putting out an executive order on immigration. IF the republicans don’t want to be blamed for deadlock, then they won’t shut down government to stop Obama, so they really can’t do much.


      Ideally, this is what would happen, but there are few prime members who desire to run for president for some reason, so we are stuck with whoever signs up, and we pick the best of the lot. (Sort of like the 2nd Election for President with Obama vs. Mitt Romney.) People largely voted for Obama because: Well, there isn’t much to see in this Republican candidate Mitt Romney, and who votes for a third party anyway, that’s like throwing away your vote.

      Anyway, its funny how many people want to increase the power of the COO now even though a few months ago when I decided to create the rank, only me and those who were going to receive COO were in favor of giving the much COO power. So, to compromise, COO is very underpowered. I think the reason that you all want the rank to be more powerful is because we have some good quality members as COO, while many of you didn’t trust many COO’s when the rank was created, Gigoto, Urkillerv, Tethys, etc.

      1. uh regarding this giant ass reply (i actually DID read it)
        couldn’t this literally be exactly applied to the Supremes
        like COOs are basically regarded and act as mini supremes
        ^dont refute that with some statement of gsa law or something, because it’s basically true

        note everything needs to be compared and based off of america tho
        like, you don’t need to base yourself off of another model – simply do what works the best

      2. Well the idea is that Supreme is a much harder rank to acquire and only legendary members achieve sucha rank.

        COO’s are DEFINATELY NOT mini-supremes. If they are regarded in that fashion, that is the problem of those regarding such a rank. In reality, they have very limited powers!

        I wish I could be a lower rank for a little and beat around COOs just to show you guys how it works.

        Also, I like to compare us to real-life examples so we may better understand our own problems.

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