Law 44 and 45. Why should we keep it?

Law 44 and 45 state:

44. You cannot murder civilians in any non warzone map unless the players are within a sex/porn/rape map.

45. You may attack people that have a weapon on them that appears threatening to you.  Weapons include both guns and swords.  This basically means that this person falls outside of PB2 civilian definition.

Recently there has been talk on chat of demolishing these laws as to eliminate the “No killing civilians” rule. This is a total dick move.

Most of the players in PB2 go to roleplay, and hang out with friends. Demolishing this law would mean that GSA could become one the shittiest clans out there. Almost stooping down to the level of Black Bird’s clans.

If it is demolished, most of the players will hate the members of the GSA. “Oh but Sniper, we do it in guest accounts (or fake enemy accounts) when we raid, kill and rape civilians. Its totally fine hue hue hue.”


Its still a dick thing to do. Everyone that comes to PB2 wants to enjoy themselves. Not get shit on by random people hiding behind a guest account. Morally this is wrong, and frankly I’ll consider you an asshole if you support ruining random people’s free time, where they want to enjoy themselves.

If you’re doing this for simple enjoyment, you’re a bad person.

If you’re doing this to lower the reputation of another person, you’re a dishonest and dishonourable person.

If you’re doing this because other people are doing it, you’re not making your own choices.

Do what you think is right. Do what you think is right for everyone, not just you.

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2 thoughts on “Law 44 and 45. Why should we keep it?

  1. Well honestly back in 2012 where we didn’t have a bunch of evil people so we decided to make a law that you can’t just kill random civilians without a good reason, like if they weren’t harassing members or inside of a GSA base. Everyone was fine with it back then. Nowadays theres all this controversy over the law, and I think that if people that were typically extremely supportive of killing civilians, like Ajbenius, didn’t turn this into an entire thing about “slaughtering and evilly torturing and killing civilians without reason”, then none of this would be an issue and we wouldn’t care if he went around shooting people. After all, plazma burst 2 is a shooter and it doesn’t matter if the map looks like a dm arena or a base.

    Honestly this conflict is all about people who for some reason have some strange almost sexual desire to torture and slaughter civilians on base maps, (instead of killing them in deathmatch or coop maps)


    People who are concerned that we are hurting our reputation as a clan or being hypocritical to our name as a “security force” (Galactic Security Army), by mindlessly promoting disorder.

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