TF-99 Elections

Me and Nickman101 have been talking about TF-99 which is apparently inactive and only has 1 member which is Ismail so we must vote on a new leader since there is non at the moment.


-Yassine Leg(3 Votes)   

-Ismail(9 Votes)

The Vote has officaly ended 12/7/14 The Leader of TF-99 is Ismail!


34 thoughts on “TF-99 Elections

  1. You guys probably don’t know me. But I know you. You killed 4 clans I was in. But now its time for payback. So watch your backs. Cause ur going down.

  2. If it still counts; I vote Ismail. He has been in TF99 for a long time and therefore would have experience on it.
    Also there should probably be another examination as to how many TF99 members there actually is. Since I am pretty sure there is more than one. *Slowly raises hand* Plus I thought Chernov1, Gingex of Fire, and CoolGuy were members as well.

    *P.S. could someone post the link to the website Damocles made for TF99? I had it but when my history and everything was cleared I lost it.*

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