Emergency Clustercrap on AEM Chat










[Sniper]: Beautified by me. I also made a signature for you AJ. Plz don’t remove my editor. 😦

aj signature1


16 thoughts on “Emergency Clustercrap on AEM Chat

  1. I shadow GSA for a bit, and the most interesting post is this one.

    So pretty much the life cycle of Blackbird;

    ”am srry okeh, i wont war u guise anymoar, i lost okei i admit defeet”

    Next day

    ”GSA will die, hahahahah, i will bring dem to der knees” *WCP dies several hours later*

    ”This time I kill gsa” *MMC dies 1 second later*

    ”Okaei okay i suck and i surrender i apologize, okei for realsies”

    Again 1 minute later and makes AEM

    ”GSA will die, i hate them fuk gsa, they will be defeeted by me they deserv to die”

    That’s how I see Blackbird in my perspective….GSA are handling some noob clans these days…Keep the blue spirit of the Galactic Security Army and long live the clan will be to fight another day

    1. Blue is my colour… *tosses hair* You’re not kawaii enough. Lel.

      Also AJ removed it already ;-;
      I only got it to fabulize the post :3

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