Victory over AOOA

I had a match with Grim Reaper.  He lost 34-27.

First game prologue:


This was supposed to be the first game, but Grim Reaper lagged too much so he left.

First Actual Game:


The final score was 10-6.  He played well.

Second Game:

The score was 4-10 (he disputes it to be 3-10).  I lost.  It was on swords, and he seemed pretty good at them.  He chose the map.

Third Game:

This game was on rails.  I won 10-7.  He chose this map.  Despite me planning the match to be 4 games, he tried ending it here so that it could be a draw as he claimed.  He also claimed that many of my kills were unfair, despite our agreement in the beginning that type kills and unarmed kills were allowed.

Fourth game:


It was on dm0, a map I chose.  I won 10-4, giving me a certain victory.

Grim Reaper is the AOOA leader.  I hope this shuts them up a bit about GSA noobiness.


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