Get Battle Ready

I guess I’m hosting this huge battle. Also I need someone to sticky this post until this Saturday. (Another reason you should give me editor) :3

Thanks for sticking Jeep.


If you are free this Saturday, come onto chat with the tag: [GSA-Battle](Rank) The members fighting will be picked by highest rank, going to lowest.

[Edit]: Concerning the comments, I’ve talked to Black Bird and there will only be 8 players in the battle, with 4 on each team to reduce lag.

We need at least 4 members (including myself) to be there. If I can’t be there for some reason then these people in order will take my place to host the fight:

1.Night Hawk





Here is the most important information you need to know:

If you are participating, wear the tag: [GSA-Battle](Rank) on Saturday

Come onto the chat at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Here is the link for you to check the time.

If you are not participating, you may still be picked under Law 46


GSA Dominates



~[NighthawkTheValiant]Not sure if I can make it, will know by Friday.


20 thoughts on “Get Battle Ready

  1. To be honest, Law 46 only incluid base maps and training maps. This is neither.
    This is one of the ranked battles against GSA and MMC, only ones who agreed to go will be able to go, and not be forced to join.

  2. 8v8 isn’t the best of numbers. It’ll be extra laggy regardless of the server we choose and the chances of 8 people from each clan ready to battle at that time is quite slim. Why not make it a 2 vs 2 or a 4 vs 4?

  3. MariosonicV says he will make a map then release it Friday, then he will tell me the name and it shall be announced here and I will tell MMC as well. No, nobody will be able to practice it or get early access.

      1. Nero, no. Only if that map gets approved until the day of the battle. Someone creating a custom for this kind of thing happen will only make one clan brag ”The map is cheated”, which is obviously what nobody wants.

    1. Yes, since the war ended this can’t have an affect on it.

      But we can still do it for fun!
      I’ll go talk to BBird ’bout that.

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