2 v 1 Victory

Me and Major Quema had a battle with Blackbird. Unfortunately Blackbird did not have a partner available at the time we proposed the fight, so this was a 2 v 1. I will ask BBird for a rematch tomorrow, and hopefully he will have a partner.

We tried to go easy on him but it still ended in a 15 – nill.


In-Game I explained the rules of the battle.

The victor will be the one with 15 points, the map we played on was in COOP mode so we can keep track of points, even with my periodic lagging out.



Unfortunately I only got to see BBird twice during the fight, and killed him both times. I give this victory to Quema for his killings of Black Bird.

I don’t think we should count this battle as a victory in this war. As I said before I will do a rematch and will see the results of that.


GSA Dominates



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