General Vote Recall

So apparently the controversial vote that let people in the General rank went on even with disapproval from me and Nick alike. Votes such as this are basically popularity votes, and that’s not how the GSA promotion system operates. This effectively put the Admiralty back in place, and lord knows we don’t want  another form of an oligarchy. So anyone who has since then been promoted by such a vote is to be reinstated back to their original rank.

Any questions or concerns? Please address them in the comment section. And I will need to speak with Nick before I turn back the vote officially. Thanks.

[Nickman101:] What was wrong with the admiralty in the first place??? When I was in the GSA it was the same as the generals, just with multiple ranks at the top instead of [GSA]Gen. 

~[NighthawhkTheValiant] We didn’t bring back the Admiralty Eagle, although we should have let GSA run it’s course and just promote people the normal way.

[Rinzler]: With all due fairness, there was a vote asking for everyone’s opinions on it before commenced and it did pass. Perhaps giving opinions earlier next time may save slight trouble.

[Jeep] How’d everyone make their words glow? ;_; Wait wtf

~[NighthawhkTheValiant] Jeep, pc me on the chat if you wanna know, also I use gold you nub heh.




29 thoughts on “General Vote Recall

  1. Yes um one question….. I do wonder why you waited so long before bringing this up? Why didn’t ya just stop the vote where it was? I could’ve been promo testing this whole time getting closer to that rank. Lol this is rather irritatingly annoying…

    1. You know what’s annoying? I come on to see people who were voted in as generals who did not deserve it while others who have been here much much longer don’t get the same chance. That’s what so irritatingly annoying.

        1. That’s what happens when you implement such a system of promotion. People start thinking there too good or that they are untouchable.

      1. Eagle again you aren’t getting the very meaning of my words. Its irritating because now you decide to recall the Gen votes when you could’ve done it as soon as it was going on. Had you done that I could’ve been getting closer to getting this rank through admiralty. I honestly don’t care that its been lost, I’ll just have to earn. Now please stop twisting my words and if you don’t get it reread until you finally 100% realize the full meaning of the words that have been typed.

        1. There is no admiralty in GSA. And did you read the part in my post where I said that I went inactive because of school. Cause that should answer your question on why I waited so long.

        2. Then take a promo test today and you’ll be a commander. So you’ll be one more rank away from general.

      2. And even as my time as a Gen, Eagle tell me when I ever implemented the idea of me being better than anyone else or untouchable? I know my limits and I know my place. Sure when I first joined GSA I was a hot head who didn’t think things through rationally demanding respect. But I’ve come to realize that even if you aren’t respected, you mustn’t lower yourself and do what others do. Try your best to give it even though you might rarely receive it.

        1. I never named names. In fact I never said anyone who got the rank cause of the vote did any of that stuff. I was just speaking from experience on what happened last time we had such a promotion system.

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