Our Victory over Upper Heaven

Since when were wars determined by small multi-player team battle matches? Oh yes. Since Cyclix. I see. Cyclix determines how a war is won in Plazma Burst 2, because ever since Cyclix, we’ve been treating wars like duels between a couple of random members. Heck, why don’t we fire every GSA member, and keep, say, 5 pro members, so when the time comes, we can dominate other clans that might have a hundred members because we will win a single plazma burst 2 match against 5 of their members. Yeah, that sounds right, a clan of 5, toppling clans that potentially have enormous influence, potentially hundreds of members, potentially ones that are renown through history and famous for their accomplishments. Sounds good, right?

No, of course not!

Though I don’t dislike this “victory.” I don’t believe this is how wars should be fought, for obvious reasons (like the one above), and this was never how wars were ever fought back in 2011.

The only reason this is considered a victory to me is because Jason uttered the words: “Congrats, you won the war.” Which was him, the leader of his clan, admitting defeat. Heck, it wasn’t even our best members fighting them in a duel.

If we lost, then Bananareaper and this random recruit would have lost the war for the entirety of the GSA, and I doubt any of us would accept that outcome, because the problems with this 2v2 would be too obvious then. We would complain that they weren’t nearly our best members, we would complain that it was only 2 vs 2, instead of more members, we would complain that the map wasn’t a good map, and we would probably complain that we would need to fight them a bunch more times before the “true victor” was determined. But we won, so we won’t complain will we?

If you really read and thought about this at all, you might ask: “What would be the best way to fight wars then?”

To that, I have no answer, but even the “fighting” we had with EKAT back in the day, and what we did against BOA, was more logical and justified then this.

[Ajbenius] Cyclix lost the war.  It’s very simple.  There are a few remnants who deny it, but they’re just angry. 

[Nickman101:] You obviously didn’t read anything that I just said because this isn’t about just Cyclix, and it isn’t over whether we beat them or not lol.



16 thoughts on “Our Victory over Upper Heaven

  1. The only concept of war I could accept that involves clans fighting in competitive matches for victory would be if every member of our clan fought every member of an enemy clan. That way clans with more members would outnumber theirs in each match. Something like that would have to be arranged. But in 2v2s, 5v5s, sure a clan can claim that they beat another one in a skill-based tournament, but that doesn’t mean defeat for the other one.

    Victory comes hand in hand with defeat. To be victorious is to defeat an opposing force.

  2. I don’t understand why the terms for winning a war have to be standardized. Some wars are for sport and some are for hate. Situations change and so should the terms of surrender and defeat.

    1. I don’t understand how we as a clan can be so hypocritical. You and me both know that if Banana and that random recruit lost the duel that the GSA wouldn’t accept it.

  3. Saying “Final battle” = win should be determined between the leaders of the clans beforehand, otherwise it means nothing to the war

  4. They decided to end the war that way so whoever won, just won and the looser was defeated. Those were the terms of the battle. Jason was honorable enough to accept defeat under those terms and if we had lost I would be too. There would be no point in sugar coating what the obvious is because those were the terms and must be accepted.

  5. If you guys want to turn war into this sort of tournament mentality, then we will not have inexperienced members fighting experienced enemies, like the battle that we won against UH.

    Jason is a skilled player, so is Razer. Those are the best officers in UH.

    Banana is a skilled player, but not the best, and this random recruit is far from a skilled player.

    Lets do a bit more planning when apparently our “war” is on the line.

    1. Banana is probably the second best in GSA, and one of the only who still log in Plazma Burst2 without saying ”Plazma Burst2 isn’t GSA’s game”
      The ”random recruit” is Joker, and she is a skilled player, more skilled than over 90% of GSA.

      1. That isn’t the point. The point is that we should have organized this battle better, and we didn’t. If we fight enemies in a final battle we will have our best members fighting. Joker isn’t even that, and if Banana is 2nd best, he’s not 1st best.

        Also if banana is 2nd best then i’m first best, since I beat banana.

      2. Since Jason isn’t really up to talk to any GSA member, is a little bit hard to do something organized. The only reason the ”Final battle” happened was to have GSA off UH, as UH has no enough member to war any big clan. And now, is just trying to find some time so another war may come and things happen in another way.

        And if is like that, me, you and Banana are in Top 3 of GSA, since I’ve also bested Banana when playing with one hand owo

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