Proposal for demotions

Well, before I left I had 3 ideas which I cannot remember now, but I remember that one of them was outlining who could demote who. Aj’s new law refreshed my memory.

So, hopefully I (or someone else) can interpret what the majority wants based off of the comments.

Proposal: Nickman can demote whoever he pleases except for the FG and can single-handedly remove government members from their position as well as demote members from GA to COO. Nick can also demote anyone he pleases in the military division but must notify via post if he is expunging a GSA member. All FG members except for the COOs can demote members below the rank of general and can remove Recruits, the demotions can be at maximum 2 ranks every 2 days. All generals and COOs–except for the Brigadier generals– can demote members from the rank Captain and below 1 rank at a time but cannot remove recruits. Any member of the FG can be demoted after BOTH Nickman approves and the majority of the GSA (or, if you want, just the majority of the FG itself) vote to do so.

So, should the COOs and generals be able to demote (and if yes, should we limit the power)? Should we furthur limit (based off of my proposition) or increase the power of who the FG can demote? Any other ideas? Post in the comments.


Also, someone front page this or something pls

[Nickman101]: COOs and Generals can already demote, also clan every rank. Also I can, except government members like the President and Vice President, since they were elected by the people. If the people say these members get these ranks, then their decision cant be overruled. Only FG members can fire I think, ill have to go check the laws (something that should be done before making posts like this.)

[Bravo] Nick, there are no outlines anywhere that says who can and can’t demote

[Nickman101:] Yes thats because those are implied powers. Its not like there is a rule in the united states constitution thats states that you have the right to breathe air. Yet, I can breathe as much as I want.


10 thoughts on “Proposal for demotions

        1. 10. Only members of the Founder Group can fire a member of the GSA, and he/she must have just cause and reason to fire a member I.E.: The member broke a 3rd degree law. (P: 2nd degree.)

          . A member that has been fired from the GSA cannot rejoin the GSA until a period of 2 weeks has passed. If the member is fired more then three times the he/she can no longer join the GSA under any circumstance. (P: 3rd degree.)

          19. Only members of the FG can rehire a fired member. (P: 1st degree.)

          20. Promotions will only be given through legal means by promotion testing, unless a member of the FG approves a radical skip in ranks to an officer. Promotion Testing: (P: 2nd degree.)

          I’m pretty sure anyone can demote.

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