A War Officially Won

What started out as a friendly match, soon turned into a 2v2 to finish the war as the game name was Final Battle of the War. The match was won 52 – 36.

A new recruit named About 30 Ninjas, to whom I recruited a day before, and I took on UH’s best of the best, Jvinh1, AKA Jason408, and Razer0987. It was a heated and intense battle, with one account of dirty playing on their part, in which we ignored and fought until the bloody end. 



[Nickman101]: ^ HAHAHAHAHA Aj’s Response xDD

[Reaper]: They fought valiantly unto the last score. Those two make a good team, we should have friendly matches with them more often to improve training on both clans. I couldn’t have asked for a better adversary as to UH. 

A message to Jason408: Let this be known, I share no hate toward your clan. PMC is a great adversary, and greater still is your map making. The bases you’ve made are clever, and deserve commendation. 

A message to Razer0987: You did well against your implacable rivals of GSA, and you deserve some commendation for your bravery.

Message to all of UH: Raids will cease upon your bases, so be afraid no more, any raids lead by GSA after this date will be seen as treason against the sovereignty of the GSA, and will be punished without mercy. As the good ol’ gamers say it, GG. 

10/26/14 -- GSA-UH War ended with a final battle on the map dm0 against founder and leader of UH, Jason408, and his second, Razer0987.

20 thoughts on “A War Officially Won

  1. As expected of Reaper, fantastic! :D, and kudos to Ninja for helping end this war near the day he’d just joined. I applaud ya for your skills, having had the amount of kill and deaths against opponents such as Jason and Razer. GG to both of you 😀

  2. This is a bit outdated but it still works..
    http://prntscr.com/504c3e http://prntscr.com/504c72 http://prntscr.com/504cnj http://prntscr.com/504ctc http://prntscr.com/504cvo http://prntscr.com/504dez About 4 pages worth of copy-pasted Trojan Horse Viruses, which in his own laws, is a war Crime, http://prntscr.com/504dq3 http://prntscr.com/504dy3 http://prntscr.com/504dzw Laws that are contrary to each other, http://prntscr.com/504e5m http://prntscr.com/504e91

  3. Well, good job on this war. You guys did waaay better than the last two wars. >.>

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