What did he do?


20 thoughts on “WeaponX22

    1. Lmao, after all your noobish rage you think were letting you into GSA? Sorry, we dont need 7 year old AGSA in our clan.

    1. I was never a spy, its not my style. I have 2 brothers and a sister who play this game, and I would assume we all have the same IP address. But there aren’t many ways to prove I’m not a spy is there.

      1. For one you do have the same picture as your brother which makes it already sketchy as we’ve seen it on the now deceased MMC clan site. So that isn’t helping your case.

      2. I could always change it if that would make you feel any better. But if the mmc site hadn’t been deleted, I think I could of gotten proof that my bro and I were not the same person. Also Blackbird really doesn’t like me and I don’t like him and yet rangers was his top commander. Remember when he went crazy because of me having the same profile picture as rangers?

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