MMC Surrender

He says the site will be deleted in 42 hours, we’ll see.

[NighthawkTheValiant]Here’s him saying he destroyed it himself.

[Nickman101:] What??? We were supposed to be allies??? Also, as I said in another post, he ended the alliance with UH.

MMC Dead


20 thoughts on “MMC Surrender

    1. Blackbird is the leader of MMC. He was a GSA member and kept bringing MMC’s posts to the GSA site and spamming posts. We found that he had virus links on his site and one of our Supremes ordered that it be deleted. They removed the admin of the member that tried and declared war on us. We said “Idgaff”

        1. Blackbird didn’t know who ordered it, and I was trying to keep your name a secret in case he was after you -.- We’ve had one supreme framed and banned, we don’t need another.

  1. If i didnt make myself clear, i surrendered because i lack the militia to combat + its pointless to fight over something as pointless as to what happened. Also, i havent been feeling well lately anyways.

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