Our Colonies

A while ago I made a complaint about the colonies in GSA. I said that they weren’t really extensions or representations of GSA, and that they were just groups of friends.

This is still true. We need to stop being introverted in our colonies and really REPRESENT us as a clan. If during my term only one person gets recruited into GSA, I hope that person is from a different game.


36 thoughts on “Our Colonies

    1. Get off the internet. Right now.
      Do you know how many people die because of people like you?
      People actually kill themselves, a comment like your’s is just pushing them over the edge to suicide.

      You don’t belong here.

      1. Lol. You dont get it, do you? My hatred for all GSA runs deeper than all of you other enemys combined. You serve nothing more to me as a purpose of entertainment. GSA is my toy. You all are so predictable, that i feel a slight bit of remorse. However, your connectedness and stupidity take that bit of remorse away from my mind. Since now im starting to think you are actually gaining something out of this, there is one crucial key here that you obviously either forgot, or were to idiotic to see. My hatred for all of you is pure. You are a disgrace to the human race, and i am quite ashamed that i actually have to talk to you. This is not an insult, either. I am dead serious. Normally i wouldn’t wish.death on people, not even my worst enemies. However, i honestly wouldnt mind you getting hit by an 18 wheeler. I wouldnt laugh, dont get me wrong. Its one of those things that i want you here because your to much fun to mess with, but when your gone its whatever.

      2. And just yesterday you asked for peace, if i remember correctly…
        Just quit bothering us kid. Your time could be better spent with extra education, considering your probably going to have to skip another grade this year.

      3. Sniper you are absolutely right.

        And Blackbird, just when I thought no one could say something more arrogant, you prove me wrong. You said you was joining the military and that you graduated high school through JROTC with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, correct? Is that a lie then? Because when you join the military you are essentially putting yourself on the line for your nation and ALL it’s populace. That includes all the people who have an account in a flash game called PB2 and who wears a tag labeled GSA. And yet, here you are wishing death to people because you have such a “pure hatred” for people just because of the faction they belong to in a flash game?! I do not know what to say about that, pathetic does not seem fitting enough. Even if you’re just joking around you are way out of line now by telling people to kill themselves. It’s a damn flash game for crying out loud. We are here to have fun but this “pure hatred” you speak of is awful. If you are serious you need to get some serious help before you do something crazy. If you truly are joking, then you need to get off of here, do what your plan was, and not let the door hit you on the way out. I really don’t know how one can hope to be a good soldier in the United States Military and wish death on kids over a flash game. A FLASH GAME! Is this the honor your “long line of military family” has taught you?

      4. Now Emporer, back in your long ass comment full of bullshit, you mentioned that you have a diehard hatred for GSA and that “oh GSA is my toy that I can play with.” Did it ever occur to that… Maybe… We… Don’t… Give… A… Shit, about your petty hatred for us? No it probably never occurred to you because you have mentality of a high school drop out. Maybe you should spend more time actually completing high school the second time around instead of coming on here and spilling your “pure hatred for GSA” and the other bullshit that comes out of your mouth.

      1. Jesus Christ! I didn’t know they made dicks like you anymore. Where were you assembled Emperor?, the Middle East, China, Russia?. No wait I got it! You were assembled in the basement of some psychopaths house. He must have forgot to turn on the “care for other people’s feelings” button. Or he didn’t want to turn it on because he knew you would be a psychopath who would probably kill his own family for a fucking Xbox or shit like that. This must be the case because you seem to enjoy to tell people to kill themselves a lot. Oh wait! Emperor! Now I remember you! They have a large memorial at your school. It’s for all the kids who committed suicide because you told then to kill themselves. How names were on the memorial? Was it 8? No! It’s was 12! No, no, it was 24 I think? Nope nvm. Just read an updated report. It’s now 35 kids on that memorial. Wow I think that’s a world record. You should get a reward. Why don’t you go on this website and just randomly comment “you all need to kill yourselves. Your a list cause anyways” so you can put 7 more names up there. How about this Emperor. How about we add one more name up on that memorial except it’s your name. That would be great wouldn’t it? You all should reply saying yes if it is. People like you are pathetic. You say we’re a lost cause when we got fuckers like you running around and going up to every person like “oh your a loser, kill yourself” or “I hate you, kill yourself” or “your worthless, kill yourself.” Why don’t you just go back to chopping up your family and leave us the fuck alone you little pussy?

  1. I’ve been in GSA for three years now. You don’t understand or know my dedication for GSA. We’re not a lost cause, we’re a success in PB2 and have huge potential in other games.

    1. Success? You call having a mass amount of people hating you success? Ans no. Were not jealous. All GSA share one quality… one simplicity in behavior. The way you go about things makes you fu»»»»« jerks. You write out everything on the site to make your selves look good. You back stabbed alot of people, including me. You all enter a state of dull cowardice when shit hits the fan, and later find an excuse on why you lost/ failed. This is why everyone insults this clan. But you all are to far gone… your lost in your ways of dishonor. This is why i wish death to this clan. You call MMC and the people you hate a nuisance, but when really your nuisance – and heres why. All the clans out there… ALMOST ALL OF THEM HATE YOU. You have 6 allies…. and ill guess at like what, 11 enemys… plus all of the non-mainstream clans. Ill estimate to 20. That is a ratio of 1:10, you being one. As you can see, you are the nuisance.

      1. Inferno? Hes not even GSA, is he?
        Also “little maggots”. Lol. If anything, the insult “evil dictators” would be much more accurate.

        1. Evil dictators? MMC is run on dictatorship – im fucking emperor. Im the only clan that does this really. You all are a fucking democratic society. And how can you all be dictators anyways? Dictatorship is 1 person that is in charge and over sees everything.

      2. Or you guys just have political realities altered to little-kiddie style. Did they teach all of these “political beliefs” in your elementary school?

      3. Um, yeah, ok. We’re the nuisance when we have to listen to your little bullshit tantrum. You were probably thinking “oh look, the GSA website. I think I’m gonna go have my psychotic episode there and then have a social breakdown because I want to make these peoples lives worse.” You are the worst kind of people. Someone who doesn’t care about anyone else, more formally known as, a psychopath. Oh I’m sorry, did I speak the truth there. I’m sorry, why don’t you go breakdown on some other website so you can get attention from people there.

    2. Wow, congratulations, you guys are a success in PB2, don’t you feel special that you achieved the most stupidest thing that you could get in the entire world. All I can say is, why don’t some of you guys go and get a job or join the army or something, and quit the stupid shit you guys keep doing over and over again. It would solve all the problems you are having with the so called “Emperorprayingmantis”

      1. xD
        Oh boy…
        Yes, we do have things to do in real life.
        So why does Blackbird emphasize his supposed superiority in this game over us?
        And by the way, your leader even lied that he’s joining the military. How sad is that?

      2. Waso, fuck off. Stop telling people what to do. We don’t have to choose to get a job and btw I’m pretty sure some people here are too young to get a job. OMG did you ever think of that. No I was too busy being a dick. Obviously. Why don’t you join the fucking army?

        1. Well dear sir.
          1. I could but at the moment I’m in an unfit body, I need to become more fit.
          2. I would have to skip out on school and seeing my friends, wouldn’t want to do that.
          3. I’m pretty sure anyone can get a job, work for your parents, GOSH.

      1. No. Just no.
        And, @Pzk. During my presidency i planned to make an intelligence test for recruits that they had to pass to be able to join, but… Well, i never took the chance i guess.

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