GSA News Broadcast-2

News broadcasts will be a weekly thing, or a smaller interval depending on activity.


Numerous riots have broken out across the board from rumors of Jason being let back in as CF. The FG has called together a vote and are currently debating the situation.



Verifirs/Pzk seems to be the projected winner of the presidential elections according to polling forecasts.



A disabled child who thinks he is aged eighteen and a blackbird(potential racism) is on the loose among various colonies within the system, if seen please call the authorities, the asylum he has escaped from is offering a reward.


On a weather side note, things are getting colder. MaysMas day is coming.



21 thoughts on “GSA News Broadcast-2

  1. You know whats funny though. How you lack the means of stopping me. I killed the clan, and i havnt recruited anyone since reviving it. Im one person : and yet i still stand tall and strong, above everyone.

  2. And dont feed me bullshit like you can stop me anytime you want. You cant. If you could, you wouldvr done it b uhh now. Not to mention your failed attacks on MMC in the past as well. Lol. At this point, im invincable. You can only slow me down at the most. I get knocked down, but nothing you do will ever keep me down

    1. *Gasp* Praying larvae, is that you? You finally evolved? Oh my god, you’ve gotten so big since we last met! Remember me? I was a caterpillar when we met, so you may not recognize me. I can’t believe you’re a full grown mantis now… I remember when the spiders would tease you for being so small. if they could see you now, they wouldn’t be so mean, haha. Oh man, I gotta tell Wasp.

      1. Stop snorting lines of coke. Anyone tell you drugs are bad? And really? Praying Mantis’ are one of the top predators in the bug world. They eat spiders and wasps for fun. And lol… theyll fuck up a caterpillar. Now you look dumb as shit.

        1. Coke is a soda, silly goose. You can’t snort coke. That’s like snorting mountain dew or sprite. But then again you must be snorting something if you think that a mantis would fuck a caterpillar. That would be impossible.

    1. Oh like yours is any better?
      You know what’s funny though? How far your head is up your self-righteous ass. We don’t have to worry about stopping you, we just have to laugh at the way you brag on yourself. You babble through each day making stories up as you go along. Your arrogance is pathetic, your clan even more so. I could continue but I’d be here all night. So manifold is your hypocrisy so deficient is your honor. You rank number one in annoying but that does not make you a threat.

  3. your bragging about being able to survive against gsa is irrelivent, it has been proven over and over that it is almost impossible to kill a clan… without the right knowledge.

    1. The broadcast was made when the elections were going on, the next one will be made most likely by the end of this week. In the timespan that I had made the current one, the VP was not chosen yet. Hence the omission.

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