………… Someone’s gonna die.

A’ight, which one of you freaks framed me!? >:c

[Edit] It has been revealed that the Leader of TRA hacked my accounts and made me Admin on his site so it would look like I did it. I say this is a declaration of war, what say you!?


22 thoughts on “………… Someone’s gonna die.

  1. It would take more than just one person reporting you. Either it was the entire clan, or the mods were suspicious due to your previous bans. *cough*

    1. He has screenshots of me and Nighthawk as admins on their site. Which we ARE. For some odd freakin reason. Not just that, there are pages of “GSA RULES YOU SUCK HAHA” made by “A Camaro”

      1. Admins can edit the names of posts and pages. Everyone knows dat, you silly otaku.

        and comments lol u are suck

        1. Apparently the PB2 mods don’t e,e But still, we WERE admins somehow, even though we never received invites.

        1. Because I’m trying to be unbanned, actually doing it would kind of ruin that.

          And because my normal name is Jeep, because when I was a toddler I had a red powered jeep. But the Camaro is because nowadays I have a real camaro. -.-

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